This will make some of you feel a little bit older

Okay, I read the article, but perhaps I’m missing the point of why Avril Lavigne getting married is supposed to make me feel older.  Sorry.

I’ll tell you what makes me feel older, my nephew graduating from university exactly 20 years after I did.  He wasn’t even born when I started.

Yeah that would do it for sure.

Either you are already old, you’re not a fan of Lavigne or you are not one of the persons I meant when I said “**some **of you”!
I’m thinking that when the sk8er grrl gets married, there’s a whole pile of fans that will realize that they are getting older.  I know I felt really older when I came to realized that most of the NHL players that are retiring are younger than me.

That’s the point.

she married that butt ugly mofo, i told her to wait for me!