This week's offensive joke

A guy finds this bottle on the beach and rubs it off. TWO blonde genies appear and grant him three wishes.
He wakes up in bed with seven beautiful women and makes love to them all one by one, satisfying each. Then he hears a knock at the door, so he gets up beaming and walks out of the bedroom. THe living room is three feet deep in $100 bills, and he grins as he wades through them to get to the door.
When he opens it, two Klansmen grab him, toss a rope around his neck and drag him off to an oak tree where they hang him by his neck until he’s dead.

The two blonde genies are standing there watching. One says to the other:“I get the world’s greatest lover and millionaire bit, but why on Earth did he want to be hung like a black man?”

I’m hung like a Powerade bottle.