This is the way Harper stands behind the troops…

Veterans planned a news conference Tuesday in Ottawa to protest against the Conservative government’s decision not to appoint Pat Stogran to a second term as veterans’ ombudsman, the voice of injured soldiers and RCMP members.

Dennis Manuge, who has fought the clawback of long-term disability benefits all of the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, said veterans will not let Stogran go without a fight.

“It just seems everybody in Ottawa that tries to do their job and let the government officials and bureaucrats know what’s failing and what’s wrong and what needs improvement, are being canned,” said Manuge, a former army corporal who suffered a debilitating back injury in 2000.

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I believe well I know this is so disgusting , especially when Harper takes his little trips to visit the troops and to say all them wonderful words about our wounded or our Canadian Troops who have fallen . I watch the news conference this morning and watching and hearing what is going on should help seal Harpers future with any upcoming election. To see what some of these Vets are living with and seeing or hearing how they are being treated and cared for. You are so right when you say that anyone who points out any negative shit happening in Ottawa or elsewhere in Canada , they just get put on the back burner .

My father was a veteran of WWII. His Regiment landed on D-Day, 12th Field Royal Canadian Artillery. During the advance in the Scheldt Estuary area he received micro-shrapnel in his right eye which hospitalized him for 4 weeks in Aldershot. He fought for 30 YEARS to receive veterans allowance to help with bills given his severe headaches from damage to his eye. He eventually began receiving a few hundred bucks a month in 1997 just before he died in 2001.

Everyone should be aware of the way our war-torn veterans are left to rot after being injured fighting for our freedom and country. Try to help in whatever way you can when it comes to pressuring the government into assisting veterans.

Support the troops. Support the veterans.

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And get the troops out of Afghanistan! Now, not next year!