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Riggers rock the 'Dome

By BRET HART – For SLAM! Wrestling

It’s a great time to be from Calgary. Not that any time isn’t.

Last Monday at the 'Dome was an incredible night I’ll never forget.

I remember being surprisingly optimistic about the series with the Detroit Red Wings. I’d never seen the Calgary Flames fans so worked up and it was easy to see right from the start of the game Jarome Iginla and the boys were tired of being second guessed.

Listening to the pumped-up crowd brought back memories from my wrestling career when I rocked the 'Dome.

It’s an amazing feeling to stand at centre ice and hear a crowd roar like that.

Only a few people get to hear that kind of ovation in their lifetime and the Flames waited long enough.

It’s my unqualified hunch if there is but one man that holds the secret formula to beating the San Jose Sharks it has to be Darryl Sutter.

The way Sutter has motivated this team no doubt makes him a strong candidate for coach of the year.

With all eyes focused on the Flames, it’s easy to have missed the amazing season the Calgary Roughnecks have had.

The National Lacrosse League franchise has done an amazing job of putting this team together and after last night’s championship game, they can hold their heads high.

I was speaking with Roughnecks captain Tracey Kelusky at the team office a few days ago. He, Kaleb Toth and the rest of the Roughnecks were nothing but a picture of confidence.

They couldn’t wait to take to the carpet in front of 20,000 screaming fans.

I’ve never been to a lacrosse game and I found the championship game really interesting – especially the audience.

The Roughnecks’ ardent supporters were as loud as any crowd for any event I can remember, along the lines of what the Flames have been hearing for the past few weeks.

It was while talking to Roughnecks GM and president Brad Banister I bumped into Stan Schwartz.

The retired Stampeders president was on hand to lend his support and, perhaps, to take a look at Banister’s playbook on how he’s taken this young team all the way to the top.

With a strong fan base, an amazing assortment of some of the best lacrosse players in the world and with the looming NHL strike, the Roughnecks and the WHL Hitmen could very well be the best entertainment in town next year.

All I know is after waiting for years to finally come home from my travels as a wrestler, it has been a blast watching the Flames, Hitmen and the Roughnecks entertain me for a change.

Wouldn’t it make for an absolutely wonderful year if Calgary became the City of Champions?

With the Flames and the Roughnecks playing the way they have, maybe new Stampeders head coach Matt Dunigan can follow suit by lighting a fire under the Stampeders to cap it all off.

Could you imagine that?

There’s magic in the air.


Yet, when Calgary went down 3-0 last night, not even Sutter could control Iginla from being a little bitch and trying to fight.

Does he not know that Cheechoo would rock his world.


Are you sure that you name is not Miss Sir Ryan Bitch.
By the way, why are you still watching Sir Bitch?
Game #4 will be a war that the Sharks will never fortget.
Are you still mad about the canucks? I mean the Cannots?
Home time bitch bitch. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Hey dude: You are a fucking loser.


Aren’t sport fans a unique breed? I have a paper somewhere about the ethics of sport fans. Haven’t read it yet. I’m not a sports fan.


Oh, never had a laugh like that one.

Canucks? Hardly, I couldn’t give two shits about the canucks.

But, what was I watching?

“By the way, why are you still watching Sir Bitch?”

I can’t recall a hockey topic that didn’t have a post by me saying Go sharks.

In closing, Go Sharks.


:open_mouth: LOOK OUT CHEE CHOO!!! :open_mouth:


Ingila is awesome!!! I personally think he would fuk Cheechoo up in a heart beat! and as for game 4! its gonna be a good one!! but back on topic… thats a cool article… maybe if he goes to a Flames/Sharks game they will show him on tv.




yeah man Hart rules, man the wrestling industry could use him! hehe if he wasn’t a gibble now :frowning:

as for Canucks… im a canuck fan and always will be soo dood, shut it…

as when calgary beat the nucks i was like Ha! detroit will win, but then after that i must say i am pleased to root for the only canadian team left… the cheapest salary team in Canada and are the TOTAL underdogs, but I also wouldn’t count the sharks out just yet… they are a amazing team with Riichi and Cheecoo and Priemeu and Marleau… and Nabakov in net… its a really good team and would think this series could go to 7 no problem… as much as i want it over in 5 now…

but gooo flames!

as for Iginla vs Cheecoo… Hard… Jarome aint no tough guy… but nor is cheecoo… but… id have to go with cheech on this… being indian reminds me of Odjick… :stuck_out_tongue:


Bret “The Hitman” Hart
"The best there is, the best there was, the best there will ever be!"

He’s a fine wrestler, but the Hart family is covered in tragedy with the untimely death of brother Owen, and brother in law, Davey Boy Smith.


i still find it hard to believe that people watch wrestling…


Professional wrestling is the only great sport out there. All other sports are contrived with preordained endings. Wrestlers are the greatest athletes out there, also.


even if i could get over the fact that its all acting, i dont know why id want to watch people beat each other up??


Went to the beach last night right… well there was this bird soaring around over top of me and I looked up and said to my friends, " Sometimes I get scared of birds, because I feel that I deserve to be shit on!"


That is a very deep thought. Is it an allegory on your life or wrestling?


Nah it isn’t about wrestling, although I think wrestling is just about equivalent to bird shit. But it is my guilty conscience surfacing.


Wrestling is only the second greatest sport of all times. The greatest is, of course, NASCAR.