Thinking about stealing a car?

Apparently, the RCMP and local police departments in BC are rigging “bait cars” to catch car thieves. I’m sure this is old news to some of you, but maybe you’d get a kick out of seeing the fruits of their efforts. Check out this video:

Yep, RCMP and other police been doing this for a while. There are tons of bait car videos on certain websites I’ve seen… mosly the real funny ones are the ones that get posted though.

I am developing an alarm system that will allow you to disable the car remotely and take a picture of the driver of your car… its pretty nifty stuff… also you will have the location of your car emailed/text messaged to you the exact street location.

SPeaking of RCMP and whatnot… Nothing was published about whatever happened at the hatchery last week. Training? Anyway, Molten Universe, Ignite and myself cycled past what seemed to be, most of the Rupert RCMP fleet and an ambulance outside of the hatchery on Wantage Rd. An alarm was going off before this, with some voices and then the ecnalubma siren… I’m thinking about 6 or 7 enforcement vehicles parked around the place.

Speaking of speaking of the RCMP, I just heard something about emergency crews and no power at 7-Eleven?

Yeah apparently there was a power failure and as of 1:30am they were still closed and the only power in the store looked to be the back frozen foods cooler.

Also, something happened outside of the Belmont… there was crime tape going from the side of Rose’s, around an old, white Farwest Bus Lines cube van, and to the side of the Belly by the front door. I was told that on the scanner they mentioned 1 person dead and another injured? Possibly a beer bottle to the head or stabbed with it? Something on the scanner said there was an altercation at Canfisco too??

The town seemed dead, there weren’t very many people out, barely any cars on the road, and barely any parked anywhere. It was weird.

Oh yeah, and there was a possibly 10 year old girl standing on the corner by the Rupert from at least 11:30-12:30.

Edit: sorry, I went to quote Eso’s post and ended up adding to it. So I returned it to it’s original state.

And it still looks to be that way. Its pretty much dark over there.

I was told that there was a electrical fire at 7-11

with the belmont apparently a big fight broke out. not to sure about anyone being dead from it

wholy thats crazee stuff. what i been gone from rupert for how long and all this happens… geez…