They're back!

Prince Rupert’s cruise season is underway for another year as the Norwegian Star (above seen from the Atlin Terminal) pulled into port a little earlier than planned, the cruise ship arrived in Prince Rupert harbour a little after 1 pm, arriving at the Cruise Terminal a few minutes in advance of its scheduled 2 pm calling time.

It was at about that same time that the weather patterns for Prince Rupert shifted for the day, with the gusts of wind prominent through the morning and early afternoon picking up, bringing with them sprinkles of rain, which then turned into a steady downpour as the first visitors began to dis-embark from the ship.

Once ashore the first visitors of the cruise season quickly took off for their assorted port of call adventures, some of whom followed those controversial new banners installed by the City of Prince Rupert…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 6517     )-

It was surprisingly busy in the mall between 2:30 and 5:30… I didn’t think that many people would be leaving the ship with the weather as crappy as it was, but we sold quite a bit today.

Hey that’s good to hear, though I never realized that seniors and middle aged cruise takers were into G unit gear, learn something every day… :smiley:

Hey, they sell shoes there too you know.

Well thanks for the bulletin  :wink:, yes I understand that…

I’m sure that the Blue Rinse gals were probably looking for a solid set of shoes for those challenging three on three competitions as the ships head through the glaciers of Alaska… :astonished:

I would really hope that we would have something that would let us stand apart from other ports of call in BC, or Alaska for that matter.  I would love to see the town be more accommodating.  Hiring more ambassadors, encouraging stores to change the hours of operation. 

Giving tourists umbrellas or ponchos.  I remember when the first cruise ship came in, so many people went to see the ship, now drivers are honking at tourists, practically running them over. 

I for one tried to change, I would be a bit more patient driving.  Spit less when I talk, etc.

Great to see them back.

I liked patrick witwickis colum in the paper tonight.  The part where it says that Rupert is the 6th worst city to live in Canada.
Maybe that would be a real nice advertisement for cruise ship people.
Last night most shops were closed by 530pm.  great for the cruise ship folk. 
Some people asked me about the sunken garden, as they had seen it in a brochure…they were quite shocked at what a shit hole it was!!!
Vendors need to be brought back to mariners…all that empty space and nothing there,why???..must be a bigger picture in the whole grand scheme of things.  The first summer the food vendors alone were an awesome attraction…now theres nothing.
We need to wake our asses up people…

I assume there will be more at Mariners Park when the weather gets nicer.  I honestly didn’t expect so many people to get off the ship yesterday with the crappy weather. 

The Mercury is in all day tomorrow as well… so there will be more opportunities to be made tomorrow.  Lets see how the town deals with ship #2.

As an addendum to the great banner debacle… it was interesting that the city found it necessary to pay it’s workers double time to put up the banners on a weekend rather than wait a couple of days… Guess Hollywood Herb wanted to show once again… he’s a take charge kind of guy!!