Thermal Paste

I need some thermal paste for my computer (for processor to heatsink) I went to “the source” in the mall and they did not have any. Anyone know of where I can get a tube. Also any suggestions on what type to get.

if you don’t mind buying online (from vancouver)

then I would recommend going to … rmal+Paste

also, have you tried GTG Electronics (I think that’s what it’s called :smiley:) on 2nd?

Data Boy and DC Computer (I also think that’s what it is called :smiley:)

but yea

Good Times Games and/or Data boy will no doubt have some. The stuff is pretty cheap and common

Ya is where I got all my parts for my computer. I think I well try data boy and see what they got.

Well if you strike out there, try Chris at Good Times Games.

I got some from Data Boy. So you should be good.