There is no free lunch in politics, is there?

Ida Chong probably never thought that her dietary habits would provide the spark for yet another debate over the attitudes and entitlements of politicians. But the Victoria MLA, seems to have become the flash point of anger for those that feel the political class are heading off to the trough a few times to many these days.

CKNW’s Gord McDonald  outlined some of the background of the tempest, just one of many commentaries we imagine on the topic of expectations that politicians seem to have these days…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … itics.html )  

Yes, there is a free lunch in politics … it is served to the city councillors and staff attending the 5 pm council meetings that precede the public meetings every two weeks.

LOL, ah another great ideal trounced. So I imagine then that somewhere buried amongst those transparent reports of mid June  are both the menu list and the totals for the year for the feed and care of those who serve?

My bet is that the cost is buried somewhere under ‘admin’ rather than as council and senior employee ‘benefits’ or ‘expenses’ that are disclosed in June.

I think though that in view of the city’s financial worries Jack should consider passing around a coffee can with a slot punched in the lid or at least a PRGC ball cap so that those who serve can chip in.