The Woz on Colbert

Steve Wozniak is on The Colbert Report tonight!  Cool.

Stewart and Colbert have been scoring a load of famous guests recently, from Al Gore, Bill Clinton, etc.  There was also that really awesome Stewart interview with Pervez Musharraf earlier this week. 

[quote]In classic Stewart fashion, the host first made an effort to make his guest feel at home.

He offered Musharraf some jasmine green tea, a Pakistani hospitality custom, and a Twinkie — considered an American delicacy by some enthusiasts.

But before Musharraf had the opportunity to take a bite into his Twinkie, Stewart abruptly asked, “So where is Osama bin Laden?”[/quote]

Funny stuff.

Let’s hope Colbert really grills Woz tonight.

Well that was quick! … ve_Wozniak

That was great.  Not often that you see Colbert almost speechless like he was after the shaving/pepper comment.

that dude was boring.  musharraf was hilarious though !! seat of heat on pervez was top qual.

Actually, the funniest bit last night was the whole Lincoln vs Santa bit. Colbert suggested they merge them and name him Santabram Linclaus!