The wolfman

Also, is your gif at the bottom of Balto the wolf from that Disney movie?

Thats what i thought at first, but i don’t think it is, i watched that movie just to find out and don’t remeber seeing that part, it is a pretty Gif though astrothug  :smiley: But whats with all the wolves?? :confused:

He’s a wolf fanatic.

He kind of reminds me of the “Bear man” from Queen Charlotte City. He used to put dog food all over his yard and house and invite the bears in for meals. Astro isn’t quite as crazy yet… but it’s a slippery slope…lol

The way he talks about getting up close and friendly with the wolves, something like that seems like the next step :wink:

you all r too funny,
If you all must now, right know we are working with Chris Darimont and Heather Bryan from the Raincoast Conservation Society and the University of Saskatchewan, picking up wolf scat and marking with GPS  for the testing for parasites in the local wolf population.

Other then that we tracking them taking pictures and video of the local wolves, say what you will….it’s all good…

[quote=“Astrothug”]Other then that we tracking them taking pictures and video of the local wolves, say what you will….it’s all good…


Yep, it’s good stuff you guys are doing, we’re just funnin’ at you.

Yep… just funnin. Of course the Bear man thought he was doing good too. Watch that slippery slope. First it’s hunting down the wolves… now you’re picking up their poop.  :wink:

Well there is a pooper scooper law in Prince Rupert.

But really, if not a Disney movie, where did you find that gif and what is it from?

That’s pretty cool of you, i would love to be able to see the local wolves…any chance you could maybe take me out with you?? I could pay you or we could work something out… :wink:

you can count a couple fewer, a group decided to go at my buddie’s pitbull but they didn’t realize it had a huge leather collar on.  Pittbull took out 2 and the other went running

Pitbull 2
Wolfpack 0

wonder if they will try for more

I was not going to answer back to this post, as I thought you were trying to bait me into some sort of flame war. I’ am however going to be give my two cents to this.
Wolves see other dogs as predators of the same food source they hunt and will defend their area aggressively by chasing away the animal or killing it, Wolves are pack hunters, this pack on the island has 7 to 8 in it, and there are no other packs on this island. When  wolves attack they go for the neck, but also the rear of the animal, ripping at the ass and genitals, I have found were  deer have been attacked numerous times and what I find is a lot of long fur in patches on the ground that is found around the ass of the animal.
So is it provable that what you said happened maybe, but you or I were not there to witness it, the pack numbers at this time still look the same, between 7 and 8 members from the tracks I have seen and wolves I have spotted over the last few months. You will need better proof then a hear say story, like damage the wolves did to your friends dog (photos), or the dead carcass of the 2 wolves (photos).  If my dog killed 2 wolves I would have took pictures of the wolves, called the authorities to report it. But anywho that’s just me…And will this pack attack dogs, given the chance duh……

My thoughts exactly, Astrothug.  I find it odd that the pit bull was able to take out two wolves without getting hurt.  The dog would have sustained some injuries in this encounter. 

Carl Sagan:  “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”

Carl Sagan: “Duuuuuude… I am so fried…”

I’m with astrothug on this.  Pitbulls are nasty but that story seems to be a bit far fetched.  Scaring the wolves away is plausible.  Killing 2, I’m not so sure.

With this it makes the count:

Astrothug: 3

rollins: 0

i’ll see if i can get photos for you

he lives outside of port ed, and since i know f all about the wolf packs out here, i’m going to assume it’s the same pack? 

You are obviously not familiar with Astrothug’s involvement with the Kaien Island Wolves.

i didn’t realize the thug and I were in some sort of battle, in all fairness to me, i wasn’t warned of a battle, thug should loose at least one point for that.  now wolves are a little out of my range, in fact i mistook a dog for one the other day, the guy with me pointed out that a wolf would not be running down the highway with a collar on.  however, if we are going to battle, we should get one from each.  so, my turn.

who was the original singer for the punk band the misfits, and why did he leave.  this isnt’ something google will tell you either.  now we have a battle

HI rollins Port Ed has two packs one on each side of town one closer to the highway and the other pack is out at cannery museum. Kaien Island has one pack, Digby Island has a pack and across the harbor near salt lakes has a pack of wolves. and Kloya bay has a pack. the big black wolf out at Kloya seems to be the Alpha male…The wolves out at the Cannery, near inverness (sorry for spelling) use to impregnate the dogs. When the old man died all his dogs were let go….I’m sure some were killed and other were excepted into the pack….Vancouver island has a lot of wolves that have dog DNA….So the wolves out in Port Ed could be hybrids……