The Wire is back tonight!

Season four of the Wire starts tonight on Movie Central. It’s a pretty good crime drama, lots of intersecting plots and characters that make you keep track of everything happening.

Nice website too, for those that haven’t checked it out yet.

It’s a great way to figure out what the show is all about.

Funny how all the shows with a bit of bite and intrigue are all ending up on the upper levels of pay television now. That can’t be too good for the folks at the mainstream nets…

How many seasons have happened so far?

Would it be worth it to download the earlier seasons and watch them first?



Are you satisfied there MiG?

The answer is 3, correct?

Jeez, way to jump on a guy for a simple mistake. :astonished:

Mig to answer your question, each season pretty much stands on it’s own with minimal linking between them. It’s not like Lost where you can’t figure out what’s going on without being there from the beginning.

That said… the first three seasons were great and I would recommend that you download them. This is one of the best shows on TV.



Man, there’s been a lot of good pwnage on HTMF lately.

:smiley:  some are fun tho…  SOME mean something to the utterly DUMB people Mention a name of yngwie_69  :smiley:

Well episdoe one of the new season was illuminating.

This years thread will run from politicians to cops to school teachers, should be a pretty entertaining year.

As for the first night, I Didn’t realize the many extra uses for the Hilti gun and I’m going to wonder about abandoned builidings a lot more for the next little while.

“I pissed myself”… on man too funny.


Just watched Season 1.  Thanks for the recommendation.  It’s good stuff.

Another great HBO series for sure.

Wait til you see how a conatiner port is run!

I think that’s the theme of season two…

Yup, watching it right now.

Yeah all the way through Season 2 I could never be sure if I liked it so much because it was a good show or because of the shots of the container port…lol


Hope the Mayor and Mr. Krusel don’t pick up a DVD set, the rampant corruption portrayed on the Wire will scare the heck out them.

Don’t take our word on the show’s greatness…

Here’s a word from the media

Just one episode until I’m finished the second season.  You’re right, this is supremely good shit.  Very well written.  It’s up there with the Sopranos for sure.

Funny stuff:  I found this packed in with the season 2 torrent:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Well if you become truly addicted, Slate wants you.

They have a Monday morning Wire club, where fans can weigh in and dissect each weeks episode.

Not exactly sure how most of the viewing public can relate to the inner cities of Baltimore, not quite the same atmosphere in my end of the hood…

Though they did the same kind of thing for the Sopranos and I suspect not everyone was involved in organized crime.

And yet another testimonial to televisions finest hour…