The weather

Has Anyone noticed that With the Weird weather that the Oliver Lake Has Dropped down in levels…you go there, and you see about 3 feet of Mud where it has been sitting for a Longggg time…I am unsure if this is Usual or not as when I go out there…it is high…and you see no mud like it is today… any one else notice??

I noticed that I thought, I am wondering if the lack of permafrost has anything to do with it.  I also notice more flies than usual but it could be a hygiene issue LMAO. 

Yup and the last time this happened I think it was 93 we had a record heat wave from end of May almost to mid Sept.  My first nations neighbour told me something about the level of water in that lake correalting to the upcoming season of weather being good or bad.  I think it was high = more rain, and low means less but that was a long long time ago (40 years) and the memory is not that good any more !  I remember though spending almost all of my summer swimming in the outside pool at McClymont Park and snow waist high in the sinter so at one point we had 4 seasons!

ya, no clue  :confused: I hope it is for this NICE SUN  :sunglasses: lol