The Wall

just want to give big thanks and appreciation to the local theatre group and triple bypass for the wall show this week . great show guys i went with my son on friday and wife tonight great weekend . great talent locally in theatre can’t ask for anything more in town.

hope for more great shows to come.!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great show by everyone involved in the Pink Floyd The Wall production.
Here’s a couple of photos. As always plenty more on my site.

An absolutely terrific show!

I don’t want to be accused of hometown bias, but if CBC ran a Musicville instead of a Hockeyville, I am pretty sure Rupert would be there.

Next up is Celtic Night on March 7.  Celtic Rain joins some friends from Terrace with local dancers and the Rotary Choir.  It has always been an enjoyable evening.
And sometime in April, Totally Plugged is planned where local bands get a chance to rock the Lester Centre. 

You should perhaps offer up that idea to the CBC listener/viewer request department, would be interesting competition for that Canadian Idol thing that CTV used to run

I was thinking the same thing when I first read DWhite’s post.  Podunkian is right, that might be a great suggestion.

they still do canadian idol. and this towns talent is with theatre not music. there is musical talent but that is - triple bypass and a few other good talents in town. but theatre is great here wasnt into b4 moving here but cant beat what we have for a small town

You don’t know the music scene very well if you think there is limited musical talent here.

i know it well enough to know it wouldnt win “musicville” and to know it has a better chance of winning “theatreville”.

i know there is talent for music in this town.

name the ones you think have talent and can go into another town and impress people and grow their fan base.thats talent by being able to increase their fans in other cities not just impressing friends and family in their hometown.

but everyone does have different tastes in music as everyone knows  :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ve cancelled Canadian Idol for 2009 and it’s still debatable if CTV is going to pony up the cash in a crashing economy for a version in 2010…

my bad didnt realize . only one good one came from that anyway that jacob guy lol

First of all, there is no need to thank the “local theater group”, as this was a Triple Bypass production. Created produced, lit and directed. It also doesn’t say much for Rupert “Theaterville” community if a production like this can be done by a rock band.

Awesome photos Photoguy…I wish I was there to witness that great concert.


The “Theaterville” community was there on stage with Triple Bypass.

guess you dont realize theres more to it than people playing instruments. i consider triple bypass part of the theatre community. yes they they are a rock band but thier succussfull shows incorporate theatre with rock . metalshop , jesus christ superstar and the wall all have theatre elements. plus there was about 15-20 actors and numerous people behind the scenes.

open your eyes not just your ears its more than a rock show

Muhaha! Stashola IS a member of Triple Bypass, ZING! :smiley:

…as this was a Triple Bypass production. Created produced, …[/quote]

Damn , and all this time I thought it was created by Pink Floyd…  :imp:

is he ? or no ?

i like the shows they do im just saying credit is due in more than one place either way good show all around  :smiley:

And Mirmaid Cafe was there for what–decoration? Everyone else involved that wasn’t Triple Bypass was what–Triple Bypass cloned and reskinned?

From what I heard it was an excellent show put on by various parts of the local artistic community–there’s our compromise.

Deck, I’m sure you meant to say “musical theater community” instead of “local theater group”, but just to be clear, the show was NOT put on by the local theater group (HTP) it was “Triple Bypass and Friends”.