The spam factory

From my blind box email vacumn account…

So, I dunno the spammers have a new approach in their approach to having you click on links you shouldn’t really click on.

threaten you… nice touch, bet the Royal Bank likes this approach to misidentification… I mean the banks have a bad rep at times, but sheesh… even they aren’t this goofy… and they more or less have a decent command of the english language…  I’m sure that the RBC Security department looks forward to the “reprezentative” to call



Second Warning

Because you did not respond to our first warning security
adviser we were obligated to change your account status.
We have to do this for the safety of your account and your
personal informations.

New Account Status:

Account temporary inaccesible

So you can gain again full access to your online account
you need to follow the steps on our secured website bellow:

This is now your second warning, if you will not follow this
steps we will be forced to disable your account.

After this steps are done an R B C reprezentative will call
you so you can finish this security measurements.

There’s a local idiot who berated me because I recommended FF3 to him (cumpulsive Pr0n surfer).
He was irate because the phishing filter wouldn’t “let” him rescue his bank account and insisted we walk him thru finding IE on the menu…
that’s right… too stupid to look on the All Programs…
never heard back from him.
There was a day when I’d try to explain phishing sites and Nigerian letters to sacks of fucking hammers, but that’s over.

Another spam:-)  I’m gonna be rich. :smiley:


I wish to contact you personally for a business transaction of GBP
£30,000,000 (Thirty Million British Pounds Sterling) hopefully that
you will respond positively to this offer. I need a reliable, honest
and capable person who will be able to handle this transaction hence I
am contacting you, and I believe that you will never turn down my

  I am the Auditor General  of the Audit Committee, Halifax
Bank of Scotland, United Kingdom. With your sincere assistant and
co-operation, we can finalise this transaction, and be rest assured
that this deal is worth taking and highly profitable. At this moment,
I will not issue the details of this transaction until  your positive
response is granted.

For further correspondence regarding this business proposal, send your
response to for more details or ring me on +447
04 5784271 for further discussion on this. Thanks for your attention.

Kind regards.

john ormerd

Audit Committee
Bank of Scotland Plc
Cell: +447 04 5784271

After you get your katrillion dollars there hitest can I get a loan please

No problem:-)  I’m gonna blow the rest of my cash at Chances…heck…now I can even afford imported beer.

Hitest, buy me a house?

Sure, just pick one out, let me know, bubbasteve735…location, location, location. :smiley:

Hm, I want the one on the corner of 6th and Ambrose.
I don’t care if someones in it, I like it. Kick em out!  :smiley:

Or maybe one of the new ones in the new sub division on 11th. Nah I want a view.  :stuck_out_tongue: