The Source for Service

I was putting together an old computer and I was short a piece, so I headed to The Source and approached a clerk and asked him if they had any power cords for a moniter. He took a quick look around and said they didn’t have any but he could probably sell me a new moniter! No sale. Within three minutes I was asking Rob Vallee and he returned in fifteen seconds and asked if I had a dollar. Thanks Rob, for restoring my belief in service.

You have no idea how often that cord is misplaced. People are shocked when they ask the price and I say “Gotta buck?”… every shop must be buried in them.

I know why they get lost though, ppl bring their system in and they have unscrewed every single cord but 99/100 have the damn power cord dangling when it comes in…  like you assume the repair shop has keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, USB cables of their own but they don’t have BC Hydro???
It’s weird. Every new employee comments on that within a week.


I’m not surprised at the service at all…

I’m surprised they were open!

I think the source is quickly turning into audio vision

i was in their yesterday looking for a component for my tv and the guy said he would look in the back and after waiting 5 min im sure i heard laughter coming from the back

Sadly,  I worked at the source for a few months on my return home.  They made me assistant manager in 3 weeks.  I am not gloating,  It was just fricken wierd.  I have plenty of customer service experience and think I did an OK job helping people. But no electronic knowledge past taking stuff apart as a kid.
But Really its not a very good job,  very low hourly wage,  that can only be topped up with sales and spiffs,  selling certian brands etc…  Head office guys are all a$$ Hole$.  Competition for sales is good,  but as soon as they work out you can just re enter some one elses sales and get the commish its good bye customer service.
No excuse for poor service but I can see how younger staff would have a lack of interest in service.

are you people sure you weren’t serviced by new hires, or that you weren’t just in a bad mood?

every time I purchase something (or am looking for something) from the source they help me to the fullest extent.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

My co-worker was in the Source today for 15 minutes and not one employee said hi or even acknowledged his existence.  He was looking at tv’s, computers, mp3 players, and even tried asking one of them a question… surprise surprise… he was totally ignored! 

Generally I’ve found the staff to be friendly, helpful at the Source.  However, some of the younger staff members have no idea what they’re talking about.  I shop at Data Boy first, then I’ll go check out the Source if Data Boy doesn’t have what I want.

I gave up on The Source a number of years ago - in any town, not just here.

Although I did have some fun at Data Boy awhile back.  I went in and asked for a serial ATA cable…and I was met with confusion.  A young kid (I say ‘kid’, but I don’t know for sure how old he is/was) was called from the back and he knew what I had, but they did not have a replacement.  I also found it moderately amusing since I had brought in my old one - a visual aid!

But don’t get me wrong - the service was fabulous, the staff polite - I will always try there first for anything I need.  Since I have lived in the north for quite some time now (not just here) I will always give the local business a chance first - and so far my dealings with Data Boy have been very positive. :smiley:

When looking for computer stuff/repairs also consider going to “Good Times Games and Electronics”. They are a new business in town located on the corner next to 7-11, across from the Ocean Centre Mall. One of the owners, Chris, does computer work there and he would love to have your business.

I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about “Good Times Games and Electronics” as well.

I also like karen Purdy’s place next to Sears – she always seems to have what I need when I’m in an emergency situation.  Plus she can order stuff at the same prices as Vancouver.

Good Times Games and Electronics is an awesome place, he gave me a major deal on some video games! :smiley:

So there ARE video games there. Now I have a reason to actually go in (it’d be nice if they had imported stuff from overseas, too).

ask Chris he is very knowledgeable about that stuff too.
As other have said karen Purdy’s Kaien island printers is top notch in my book, and Good Times Games and Electronics cant be beat for there outstanding customer service…
as for the other stores I have had no problems with them…

but my loyalty lies with Chris and Karen!!!  :smiley:

If it’s a porn shop, then it’ll be a very different story…


Karen has my business from now on.  Finding printing hardware that will work on different flavours of Linux and OS X can be a challenge.  Yes, her prices are excellent.

I was in the Source a few days ago to get a new High Def Satalite reciever. I asked the guy behind the counter if i could get some help…what he did was point in the direction of where the recievers were and that was it. He was not helping another customer but was talking to another Source employee about video games huh? Great Service guys.
So i took my Business elsewhere.

So typical of service in this town… when are employees of shops here going to wake up?
I get so fed up with all the “shop Prince Rupert” bs …  besides service there is a serious lack of selection… I shop mostly in Terrace and online and while away in other places… 
I am so tired of our Mall… It’s a trip back in time everytime you enter it…  Renos and updates are so needed there…

:smiley: Young people won’t even enter the Source here. World’s grouchiest owner.
I have no idea how it stays open. Printers $30 more than at our store. Ink more than double, as I carry generic lines. Ask if the computer in the flyer is in and you’ll get told he’s not bringing it in to lose $15 in shipping…
But there’s a steady stream of customers stuck on franchise brand names even if they’re the most useless of brands.
I actually feel sorry for the guy. He shelled out $40K for a RadioShack franchise and even though THEY had a rep for marketing complete shit, it was a known name. The Source is Circuit City, Chapter 11’d in the USA and a margin player in Canada. Won’t give him $40K for the franchise and all his stock put together. Sorry.
And we’re friends, he’s my main competition, and he’s 70 and wants to close and retire.

herbie is the source still in that building that looks like a barn, or a steel shed, I was up there about 5 years back and bought a cord for my psp…