The Source by Circuit City to close 62 stores across Canada

Business story making the rounds today … iness/home

So, considering Rupert’s rather poor record of keeping any kind of retail enivronment alive for more than a couple of years, what are the chances of the local one being in the 62?

D ont the Viviers run The Source?

If run = work there, then yes.

Our Source seems to do quite good business in town compared to some other places.  I would think the half-and-half stores (that are half Source, half some other business) would be the first to go. 

There’s a half-and-half store in Parksville, but I was surprised to even see it called Radio Shack, and then the Source, because not even half of the store was electronics. It was a stationery and office supply store, with a little bit of electronics on the side.  They didn’t sell tv’s, or computers, or stereo’s, they just sold little toys like remote control cars, computer games, discmans, headphones, and a small assortment of telephones.

Holy crap there’s a Source in Bella Coola!

There’s a Source in 72 cities/towns in BC alone, so well over 100 stores once you count places in the Vancouver area that have multiple stores.  I’d be worried if it were 62 stores closing in BC, but since it’s all of Canada, I would think the odds are in our favour.