The sheep that watch tv

this is something that i noticed that people like to do that they all act like sheep when it comes to KENO does anyone else find this funny i do cause they all stare at the same board like sheep or lemming’s verry funny

I had a good chuckle witnessing two people playing keno from their car.

that’s rad!  it occured to me the other day (and yes i’m a bit hehind the times on this one) but keno is just a legitimate way of running a numbers racket.  smart ma fuggers comming up with that one, take the money out of the gangsters pockets.  i guess i’ll have to find a new gig.

Rollins did you get excited when you saw the word SHEEP it the topic?  And speeking of sheep I found a new Halloween costume for you, so you can take yours off now.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

LOL  thats Rollins for you.