The School Board Shuffle continues

City Hall vs School District

The tally…

Questionable practices concerning senior administration - check and check
Sudden departure of capable administrators - check and check
Excessive salaries paid to senior administration - check and check
Linkage of staff to either organization - check and check
Decision-making done in secret - check and check

Missing anything?

Well, not really my place to comment here, but I will anyway.

Dan Rodin worked at the school district at the same time I did, and I worked there at the same time that Leah Robinson did as well.  

To suggest that their relationship has anything to do with the politics of either the School District or the City is just plain wrong.  I know posters have been very careful not to come right out and say that there’s any connection, but even if it’s “between the lines” it’s still wrong.  It’s also a bit paranoid.  

I know I hold the highest level of respect for both of them, as they both did their jobs very well.  Even when popular teacher opinion might have been otherwise, I still thought they both genuinely cared about kids’ education.  On several occasions, I personally had dealings with both that reinforced my opinion of them.

Anyway, I’m happy Dan Rodin is handling the City’s numbers these days.  I pay a heck of a lot in property taxes, and I think he’s very good at his job.  I don’t think it’s fair to somehow characterize his work as political or anything like that.  Maybe he is the public face of finances, but he’s not the politician who makes the decisions.

Just wanted to post this, because I know that a lot of people (still) associate this site with me, and I want people (especially Dan and Leah) to realize that not all members of this site share one opinion.

OK Dan and Leah have been cleared of any wrong doing.

What does that leave us?

… at a thread that really has no meaning?

Oh, come on…where’s the fun in THAT!!!

Not sure where this leaves us.  However if the teacher local has any credibility it would appear our girls are having some difficulty in running the district.

So long Steve.

I would like to see someone with real experience and credibility with the youth who may attend Pacific Coast School and I do not believe that she has it or any. Steve and his staff at Roosevelt did an amazing job turning things around and he is a plus at the Pacific Coast School.

But they still managed to get through this tough year and give themselves a nice raise with the money they saved.

Even though things have not at all gone well this year for the girls or for the district they really really tried.  If they don’t reward themselves for a job poorly done, who will?

Steve did a great job bringing the Pacific Coast School to life. 
Who else worked on this school plan?

I remember a lot of opposition.

Mig was very instrumental with bring it to life as well but he is now a Terracitte.

I heard he was gonna take it up the Nass.

That’s a beautiful valley…the lava beds are pretty cool.

“Take it up the Nass?”

The Pacific Coast School has been one of the bright and innovative solutions this district and community has seen in quite a while.  Any chance of those who created this do us any more favors?

Cheers to those people and good luck to those who have the opportunity to carry it forward.

I heard he was heading into the Nisga’a territory with Steve. I don’t know if he will be in Gitwinsilkw (I believe that’s where the paper said Steve was going) or what but I was told both were headed for the Nass Valley.

And why is talent exiting the district?

I see that MiG had posted that he had begun working for SD92 in May (but later he deleted his post).

This seems like an early departure given that school is out at the end of June.  Why the early departure of MiG plus the departure of a successful principal of the Pacific Coast School plus the Asst Superintendent?

I do hope they weren’t shouldering the blame for the districts dismal performance.

I deleted what?  When?

Uh huh, OK

It’s like reading a mews paper that every first word is praising, and every second word is slander.

What drugs are you using? Inquiring minds want to know!

Tune in next time as we see the answer to the question of what drugs does Dailymews use. Furthermore, we will divulge into the deep dark world of lava beds. Mmmm lava beds.