The School Board Shuffle continues

I hear that the éminence grise at the School District has recommended that there be a shuffle in the triumfeminate at the school board office.  (apologies to a former Rupert teacher if I’ve misused those words)

As pointed out in the Northern View: … 611.0.html

What’s the news on this?  Surely there’s an inside story?

You used the term well.

This departure is odd in its execution.  Is execution fitting?

Did anybody see the bit on the news a while back , about how many superintendants there are in B.C , and how much they make ?

  I think whats going to hapen,  is that most of the school boards are going to merge and have maybe 10 supers instead of 50, that make over $100,000 to $200,000 a year , effectivly costing the province millions less, especially in small school boards that only have  1 or 2 scholls but still pay the super a fortune .

It’s true that educators make more money than the taxpayers can afford. 

Superintendents of smaller districts like ours make somewhere around $120,000.  Principals make around $110,000 and the top teachers make about $95,000.

Education salaries (like maybe City Hall) have exceeded the capacity to fund.

Now, that they have convinced me that spending over $30,000 for a consultant to hire a new superintendent was the right thing to do, I don’t understand how they can fill all those high ranking positions within a few of hours without spending another couple of thousands.  
It makes me doubt they got the right people for those jobs.  Perhaps they are the right ones, but now that the assistant superintendent they spent $30,000 on for training last fall has left they have to get the new person trained again.  

When is election time?

Just curious as to where you got these statistics from?

Public salaries are not difficult to obtain. 

Collective bargaining agreements disclose salaries by qualifications and years of experience.  Our teaching force has aged putting a great number of them at the top of the experience scale.  Published in the Daily News.

Go to the BCTF web page for more info.

Principal salary ranges are also negotiated collectively and are tied to school size. 

Go to the BCPVPA web page for more info.

Superintendents so not belong to a collective bargaining organization but their salaries are published in the BC School District’s year-end financial statements.

Go to BCSSA web page.

Does this help?

Isn’t that former temp Superintendent/Consultant still being retained by the School District as a ‘Consultant’?
Secondly, I thought Administrative Officers (Principals) were supposed to have Master’s Degrees to qualify for those positions. Certainly an interesting decision if that’s indeed the case. Aren’t there enough experienced/qualified VP’s/Principals in the District already without having to appoint new people without Master’s Degrees?

Who doesn’t have a Master’s Degree?

Judy Z.

I hear that the éminence grise at the School District has recommended that there be a shuffle in the triumfeminate at the school board office. …[/quote]

It looks like the School Board doesn’t make a move without consulting a current or former mentor. Bill Ford, Dave Stigant and Gary Doi certainly left their stamps on this District as their proteges continue their meteoric journeys to the top of the admin pile.

If this is the case then routine provincial standards and procedures are continuing to be disregarded within the district.

If this is the case then routine provincial standards and procedures are continuing to be disregarded within the district.[/quote]

Sounds like a ready-made serial news story.

City Hall has questionable salary increments for its senior admin and the School District has questionable staffing/hiring practices for its senior administration.

What’s common between the two?  Other than operating in secrecy.

If one could find the link between these two organizations, we might find out something interesting.

Leah Robinson will receive a severance package which would indicate that she was let go.
The school board makes it look like she is taking a leave to avoid all the criticism they had to deal with when Eric Mercer was let go with a hefty severance.

So you’re suggesting the linkage between the two organizations is the sudden departure of capable administrators?

Well, I don’t like to speculate…but it is odd that Robinson and Rodin are a couple. Quarter mill per year to that house. Nice.

OK, Dan and Leah are a couple.
And Dan formally was the Secretary-Treasurer of the School District.

Anything else?

Great guns, nice to see  how and where our tax dollars are been spent.  The way this school district spends money on management one would think the sky is the limit.  I love how we don’t have enough support in the schools and students get the shaft, because there is just not enough money in the budget to hire extra support but whoa hold on a minute let’s divy up this left over surplus amongst management and create another position for management, and then cry to the public that we have to close schools and make cuts because we are now facing a deficit.  Well done people!! Gotta love how everything is always a secret.  It’s great when my child comes home with an assignment she doesn’t understand because when she asked for extra help there was none available in the classroom.  And the Board meetings, that’s another treat to listen to, all those people who know best, but sit behind their desks and discuss amongst themselves these fantastic decisions for our children, but never actually spend a day in the classroom.  When is the last time one of these decision makers actually spent the day in any school to see how things are running?  Teacher’s and CCW’s make peanuts compared to what these people make and for what?  Glad to see our district is all about “Student Achievement”