The Russians

Does any one know if the russians have a copy of osx Macromedia Studio MX for osx. I downloaded a copy Took 15 days for a 625 mb file to open it up and it is in some foreign language :frowning:

Perhaps it was in Russian?

Was it english? we all know how your comprehension of that language is.  :astonished:

here is a pic…

Id have to say mig this forum software sux BEEEPP!!!  It always times out. I had a screen shot 129k and it was over  BOOO HISSS… Ive tried 6 times now to upload the 100k screen shot file no luck. And what is up with htmf server it’s soo slow too. Ive tried this site from 5 connections all show slowness.

That is German…

I agree connections to htmf are slow, judging by the fact page generation time isnt bad i am going to guess its a bandwidth thing (images take a while to download).

Mig, feel free to pm me for some free hosting on a 5Mbit connection :wink:

Nah, it’s a combination of things. 

I’m going to move stuff tonight and it should be a bit faster.  It’s not a bandwidth issue (well, except the image gallery) – it’s a database thing.

Your mom is German.