The randomness thread

ok heres the randomness thread… so im bored ok…ooh ill start first:

i like chocolate… :smiley:

There’s not much snow around here.

i once made a snowman but he melted…

Where’s that Cowgirl been?

It’s snowing out, and I shaved my head.

I’ve been up since 10am yesterday, work is slow and i want to pass out

I did pass out - after I discovered Laphroiag - the best single malt Scotch I’ve ever had …

That’s when I realized life wasn’t just a game.

I don’t know what to do tonight. Movie, Beer or both.

Girl next door is on Movie central and I hate it.

I just witnessed four of my friends drink two forty-pounders of Gibsons Finest followed by a two-sixer of Long Island Iced Tea mix (38%). They took shots every 5 minutes until it was gone and they all ended up brawling and throwing up all over themselves and their rooms. It was elite.


been there before

Some of our customers are just too stupid for their own good.

me: You have issues with your DNS settings if your domains do not resolve you cant send mail

Customer: I have not changed my dns settings in months and my email was working cant you just troubleshoot something esle

me: No sorry, until this issue has been resolved and ruled out I cannot troubleshoot any further.

Customer: Thanks for being unwilling to help I will be contacting your manager.

Fucking retards hey look my computers unplugged, but I havnt unplugged it so i better make sure my monitor/video card/nic/motherboard/cpu/ram arent the reason it wont turn on before I plug it back in.


I just phoned 7-11 at four o’clock in the morning to see if they wanted to play softball.

I’m sitting in an Internet Cafe right now, it’s about 11:30 pm JST and somebody is snoring in a nearby cubicle.

Customers keep breaking shit… well I should say 2 customers keep breaking shit. they keep playing with shit and dont have a clue and I am going to hunt them down and strangle them.

Most ladies love chocolate 8)
Me, I love mangos. :stuck_out_tongue:
It just started snowing here and it stuck to the ground for the first time this year. Get ready for another ice age. :smiling_imp:

Nuclear fission is great and all, but nothing can compare to the usefulness and all-around availability of the white four-gallon plastic bucket.

Ordinarily I would agree with the idea that small rodents don’t make good eating, but that was before I tried squirrel ice cream.

Snow but only for a few hours :laughing: The News said its gonna rain.