The Radio

Do you listen to the radio? I HATE the radio. They never play anything I want to hear, and it’s too commercialized for someone like me. I like to listen to stuff that’s not mainstream, so the radio really isn’t for me. I’ll listen to a shoutcast station every once in a while, but I really won’t touch the radio.

How about you?

Radio is good down here, TONS of good tunes.

if you hate the radio up there you should email a guy named Brian Langston, at Astral Media north.  he’s the guy that will ignore what you have to say first then pass you along to a guy in the okanagen named Mark Burley, who will also ignore what you say and tell you that you actually like the music, should be fun

Thus why Mr. Jobs  took Mr. Fadell’s invention and turned it into the iPod (well that and a chance to make a gazillion dollars in cash and control the world) … o-buy.html

Making for a place where if you don’t like the song, you have no one to blame but yourself… :wink: