The Quest for Hockeyville is underway

From Newfoundland to British Columbia and to the farthest reaches of the North, communities across Canada are putting together their bids to be the next Canadian community selected as Kraft’s Hockeyville.

The 2009 competition got underway on November 1st, and the deadline for submissions is fast approaching with December 6th as the last day for Canadians to offer up their community as a worthy candidate for Hockeyville.

The successful community will host an NHL Pre-Season Game in their arena, a visit from CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada and the prize that all communities are seeking $100 000 from Kraft to upgrade their local arena!

Prince Rupert has been posted on line as a potential Hockeyville, though the submissions are few at the moment, especially when compared to our neighbours to the east in Terrace who have been quick to take up the challenge. If you feel that Rupert is indeed Hockeyville, then the task is up to you, with your chance to post your thoughts on how hockey is important to you and your community…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 7882366482 )-