The Queen of Prince Rupert (QPR)

Hello Everyone
I do not know what BC Ferries has planned for the QPR once it is decommissioned but I have a suggestion. Why not sink it in a appropriate location for SCUBA divers to access from Prince Rupert. Over a dozen marine vessels have been “sunk” by the Underwater Archeaology Socitey along the southern coast of BC, which attract many SCUBA divers from the region and other areas including the US. The ‘sinking’ could occur during the 2010 Olympics which would have the potential of drawing visiting tourists to Prince Rupert.
Any thoughts on this?


While it’s not a bad idea for scuba enthusiasts, I don’t know if the Ferry Corporation would be inclined to sink the Ferry, especially since it was a sister ship to the Queen of the North.

Might not be considered respectful by some…

What an interesting idea! What does the average SCUBA driver typically go down to? My guess is 20-30m. I did a basic PADI course in Rupert several years ago and I remember that the deeper you go, the shorter your safe diving time becomes, and exponentially so. Wouldn’t the ship need to be sunk in a relatively deep area to allow the busy commercial traffic to be safe? It’s a very large ship, what about the doors, and windows, etc. Is that all removed to give divers safer passage? How about environmental impacts. Obviously diesel and oils would be drained and tanks sealed, but thats a lot of remaining materials to consider.

I have also heard of this before, but with much smaller vessels, or for new-growth areas of reef.

i say keep it as a floating restaurant / casino or a fishing chater vessel where they can deploy smaller boats from the car deck. as an ex ferry employee after quitting after the north sunk . i say its a bad idea to sink another

It’l go to a a disposal sale won’t it?
Its still worth somebody buying as a serviceable vessel.
Who knows, next time you are in the south seas you may island hop on it!
Or even if it is sold off for scrap it will still bring revenue to BC Ferries.
I don’t see it being donated to a small interest group, unless there is a business plan in place that will reasonably attract divers to our area. And even then it would have to be paid for, being an asset of the Province.
That being said, I think it is a good visionary concept if the proper location could be found and firm financial backing obtained. It certainly would be an attraction to diving enthusiasts from all over the world to enjoy our unspoiled little island.
Maybe from a seed of an idea ?????

QPR?? Queens Park Rangers??

And if you ask me, isn’t the water just a little bit cold there, its bad enough in the UK, takes forever to get into a dry suit too :frowning:

No, a wetsuit is plently of insulation for here. I think the ones we used were 7mm.

I also doubt anything will be done with it other than being sold.

Im only going on rumour here but I belive the QPR is loaded with asbestos. If this is true I would imagin that it would need to be cleaned up quite a bit before being submerged and we would proably have to form a group to do this. Not to mention the whole getting BCF to agree part. That being said I think it would make a amazing wreak to dive on.

Agreed.  It is a good idea for scuba enthusiasts, but, I doubt that the Ferry Corporation will go for that. I think the corporation would be worried about the possible negative press surrounding another ferry sinking (even a sinking for a good cause).

Diving scuttled ships is pretty good fun… I’ve dived a few now, a Navy Destroyer and an ex-ferry, although with the ferry it drifted onto an incline as it went down and ended up upside down, so it can be a bit of a head mess when your inside!

Mind you, I have a great picture of me sat on the massive propeller holding an empty Jack Daniels bottle I found…    :smiley:

With all the shipping around there, I would expect it could be a nightmare to arrange, and while artificial reefs can have a positive impact, not everyone see’s it that way unfortunately.

A great idea but way too many liability and emotional issues with both BC Ferries as an organization and the Queen of PR as a vessel for something like this. The diving around here is absolutely world class and has been overlooked by many as an avenue for tourism and should be marketed more by local tourism types and the charter boat operators. I was a founding member of a dive club here back in the late seventies and early eighties, we tried to get something like this going but it fell apart as it was more work than we were prepared for at the time.