The Pulp Mill

whats going on with the pulp mill any one knows anyone working out there yet? I have been out there a few times and looks like nothing is going on!. some one here most have some news.

From the Port Ed wharf I’ve seen barges being loaded with chips from the pulp mill.  That’s all I know.

:confused:  I Seen two chip trucks in two weeks, B-Trains I think they’re called, headed south for sure leaving Watson Island.    Hmmm.

The existing chip pile on Watson Island has been sold to a co-gen plant on Vancouver Island.  That’s why you see them being loaded on to barges.  The chips that have been sitting there since the mill closed and well, at this point are pretty much useless for anything but fuel.

As for the chip trucks, it maybe that some of the pile is being transported by that means.

The pulp mill…? are you serios? you cannot be serios.