The Olympics

There has been some discussion about the lack of metals Canadians have earned at this Olympics.  Some people find it a huge disappointment (see )

I think that Canadians should be proud of their athletes’ accomplishments, even without earning a metal.  Sure, being number one would be great.  But to compete with the world’s best athletes is also an honour.  What do you all think?

I say save up our energy for the real Olympics in 2010.

Except that the athletes who participate in this olympics don’t participate in the winter olympics.

[quote=“Princess of Power”]
Except that the athletes who participate in this olympics don’t participate in the winter olympics.[/quote]

Which, at this point is a very good thing for Canada :smiley:

I’d like to see Canada do better.  It’s one thing being in the same room with the worlds best athletes but it’s another to be among the best athletes.  Having successful athletics on the world stage means alot more than just winning medals.  It also instills patriotism and sets an example for todays youth.  It gives them a goal to acheive in something worthwhile.  Anything that can promote athletics and activity is a good thing.  Having a succussful athletics program in our country can be of great benefit.

It’s not too late yet, Canada must win a medal sooner or later. GO CANADA.  :smile:



True that. We always excel at winter sports, for obvious reasons.

I think we need to look at the individual efforts for each athlete.  If they achieve a personal best at the olympics, they should be proud and we should be happy for them. 
I like watching great individual and team effort.  I think that Phelps is awesome and I don’t care if he is american and that they will dominate swimming.  But I also think that anyone who makes a swimming final with him in the pool is awesome.  They would all beat world records from ten years ago.
Patriotism for Canada shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying good performances.  The lack of medals is disappointing for sure but it’s still impressive to see these athletes give all they got. 

China’s got 18 Gold Medals. They are kicking serious ass at their own Olympics. U.S has more total, but only 10 Gold Medals. The U.S was destroying Men’s Swimming, but luckily didn’t totally sweep all the of the events, a couple missed golds thanks to Japan’s Kitajima Kosuke.

It’d sure be nice if Canada could get a few medals. =/

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Also, in swimming,


So they are doing pretty well in the pool despite the lack of medals.

This is embarassin that a country such as ours with the wealth, technology and the simple patriotism that Canadians have, and our current placing in Beijing is disgusting.  When third world countries have medals before we do…I shake my head.  We expect so much more and want so much more.
The head of the COC said today…some thing to the effect " dont be alarmed its only day 5.  I said long ago that we would finish in the top 16.  More funding is on its way on the next few months…Canadian need to voice their displeasure now"

Give me a break…
I will call my MP’s office tomorrow and get Nathan of the KYOTO accord and get funding for athletes.

An athlete originally from Hazelton may win a medal for Canada.  Carol Huynh wrestled with the Hazelton Secondary School team and then went on to have a great university career. She is one of four canadian women wrestling at the olympics.  She is a contender for a medal.  I think she will wrestle on August 16th. 

The thing about how we should be winning due to our wealth is so arrogant. It makes it sound like Third World Countries are “inferior” countries, and that just because they have little money, their athletes’ skills suffer as a result. If an athlete is good, then an athlete is good, no matter how much money is spent on their training (especially with the Summer Events). It takes spirit, skill and guts.

Well said!

I don’t know if Canada really wants to win any more gold medals… … 18664.html

Thank you!!!


But still funny though… lol

It’d be nice if some sports got more media coverage… otherwise I’m enjoying the Olympics from my own living room. :smile:

I think I understand the comment about the expectations because of our wealth.  We should be able to provide the absolute best facilities and equipment available.  More so than an impoverished nation that cannot afford such things.  I don’t see it as a rude comment but actually a realistic expectation.  Michael Phelps hasn’t been cleaning up in the pool because he’s been swimming across the Nile River and back, he has been able to use the finest pools, coaches, equipment and supplements.

He also lives in a nation where he is able to obtain sponsorship so he is able to train full time.  I’m not sure that this is the case in some countries.  I’m sure that there are many athletes from different nations who are holding down full time jobs and training when possible.  When it comes right down to it, the money available can play a large part in the success of an athlete.

For a young boy in Canada to aspire to be a professional athlete there are a few major choices: hockey, football, skiing, baseball, basketball, golf, and maybe tennis. Clearly, few Canadian youth aspire to be hammer throwers, sprinters or other such sports that don’t return the money and fame for the effort.

Sport is very much a cultural activity. Some nations have sporting priorities. I would never expect Canada to do well at the Summer Games. I could identify hundreds of professional athletes in hockey, football, baseball, basketball and skiing. But because it is not a priority in Canada I couldn’t tell you the name of one athlete competing in this Olympics.

Perhaps some may find that unfortunate, but that is the reality of sport in Canada.

I heard an interesting comment on the C.B.C. radio (I know I know…dont hurt me)
but some guy was righting a book about winning etc…and he gave as an example the cuban boxing team…said if a canadian doesnt show up to his work out…his coach gives him hell…if a cuban doesnt show up…he doesnt get his sandwich.

If you live in an impovershed country and working out means eating?

a wee bit of incentive to be the best…no?