The Noble PRDN news box experiment

On my rambling way home late this afternoon I thought that I might just get my free Wednesday PRDN. (I have long given up the hope of getting anything worthwhile out of the formerly ‘decent’ Daily, but just wanted to check the crossword and comics.The first Box I went to was the one by the library. It was full!!
It was full of last Wednesdays newspapers and last Fridays papers! Almost 3/4 full!
Sooooo I trudged up to the Box by the old ‘Skeena Bill’s’ (Only the old timers will remember where that is). It had a few of last Fridays papers and a bit of refuse.
So onward! I checked the Box at the corner of 4th. and 5th. East across from the
Lax ‘whatever’ school. (No disrespect, I just cant remember the school’s name).
It too was ‘empty’ with the exception of a few fliers and a bit of wet glop.
Abandoning my search I went home with the bitter feeling of disappointment at being crossword and  Spider Man deprived.
Sitting with my head in my hands, I heard a familiar sound! My mailbox lid slamming!
Could I dare to even hope?! Just like in the days when I paid to have the PRDN delivered! (But the haunting thoughts of the nights when I expected the paper to appear in my mail box, and the waiting and the pacing and finally after many hours of false hope I finally went to bed!)
But, getting back to the current story:
Behold!!! The PRDN delivered to me as in the days of old!!!
I haven’t had the courage to actually open the paper, because of the fear that it
might dissolve back to that magical wet mass of glop that only appeared in the Black Boxes of former legend!
So, in my confusion I am left with the question of whether the ‘Black Boxes’ are still going to be the repository of the instrument of delivery of ‘My crossword puzzle and my Spider Man Saga’?!
I think in the morning, after sober thought, I may poke the ‘news paper’ to see if at least the comics and puzzles are the quality the usually are, and hope the thing doesn’t dissolve into a wet mound mound of pulp. (Like we use to make on that ‘cursed’ Watson Island)

If you have to get up in the middle of the night for a munchie attack or something, I would venture a look then, you really don’t want to have to wait for the light of day, do ya?      Hey, you should try and get a copy of the Snooze at Extra, they were actually over a month old and no current ones to be had…Sucks!  I wanted to read last weeks news but I guess the View will fill that void for me… :smiley:

I don;t think that the boxes get filled till late afernoon on Wed and Thur . . I live in the Bird Hood part of town ( Raven Gull Eagle etc) and our box was just getting filled at about 400pm.