The Nightmare Hour Radio show hosted by Gothula

This is a proposal Radio Show that I submitted to local radio stations but was turned down
because it didnt fit there format.

I am posting it here since I am now debuting it as an internet radio show in the fall, after I wrap up filming of my shows second season.

If this is a radio program format you like and enjoy: e-mail and contact your local radio stations and tell them you want this…remember you are there listeners…they must listen to what there audience really wants. I have censored the radio stations but its pretty obvious what stations they are.

also be sure to check out to get an idea of what content the radio show would feature.

                      Nightmare Show hosted By Gothula
Show summary for **** radio:

Length Of Program: 3-4 hours or longer depending on what is featured or can be added.

The Nightmare Show would be a weekly show for listeners of **** during the night and would start at midnight. The show is hosted by the character of Gothula from Matthew Mask Productions and there TV programming on City West Cable 10. Gothula is a successful media character and has a marketable look and gimmick that is best suited for a night time slot and would also make an interesting attraction for live **** events. The genres of music that would be featured on such a show would fall under these categories: Industrial/Electronic or Rock/Metal/goth/pop rock, and of course classic rock.

These types of music attract both a male and female demographic of listeners between the ages of 15-30. The show would feature independent artists who are ignored by mainstream radio but have a unique sound and produce quality music and would appeal to the core listeners the show would want to attract. Matthew Mask Productions already has established relationships with several independent labels and artists and can bring them on board to provide music for such a show and work in cross-promotion with **** in the form of prizes, and contests and various promotions.

The Nightmare Show is very cost effective and cheap to produce for **** and certain segments of the show can be filmed and be featured in TV programming for programs produced by Matthew Mask Productions.

By using primarily Independent acts looking for a flexible play list and some promotion, the show can be produced cheaply with little overhead or overrun costs to ****. Matthew Mask Productions success in promotion and developing local TV shows what can be accomplished with iniative and some unique ideas and concepts.

The nightmare show would also attract and seek out new advertisers for ***. businesses such as local video stores, Ruins Boardshop, and any other business who’s primary market is young adults of teen to college age, which is the same market the shows listeners would be. The nightmare hour benefits itself by being part of Local TV programming and the cross promotion between the TV programs and its websites can only benefit and increase the programs profile.

The Nightmare show will also still feature the classic rock that **** listeners are accustomed to but would focus on classic rock artists who’s main appeal was there dark stage presence or wild stage antics and appearances, artists such as Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie, and KISS.

The Nightmare show would also want to feature interviews with local artists, politicians, etc. and these would be recorded during the day and then would air during the nightly show, and the studio interviews would also be recorded and featured on the TV Programs. Telephone interviews with mainstream acts, and others involved in the entertainment industry are also viable options and can also be recorded during the day and featured during the day. The format would be similar to ****’s radio show “ To The point with John Crawfordâ€