The Mondegreen thread

Who were you listening to at the time? :smiley:

Something bad ass: Toto

Righteous Bros are badass; Toto are posers.

Whatever. “I can kiss the rains down in Africa…” what a great song. I could hum that for years.

You’d be singing the wrong song, though.

It’s "I BLESS the rains down in Africa . . . "  :smile:

details… who can get the words exactly right when you are so inspired to save a starving lemur “down in AAAAA-fRI-KAH!”

That’s okay. For the longest time, in Bad Moon Rising, I thought the last line in the chorus was “thre’s a bathroom on the right.”

this could be a whole new thread,

  ie; A girl with colitis goes by.

For the longest time I thought it was " I guess the rain’s down in Africa"  :smile:

The point is Toto is badass. Perhaps not “Barry Manilow with a box of bon bons” bad ass but certainly high quality.

I didn’t even know that band was just the creation of some of the sessionists from such legendary artists as Sonny and Cher, and had even once recorded a song (99) inspired by George Lucas’ THX1138 “Where love is the only crime”.

Damn I’m a nerd.

Dead ants are my friends, dead ants are my friends, dead ants are blowing in the wind.

I’d much rather be a Reverend Bluejeans. 

I thought the Toto line was “I felt the rain down in Africa.”

No, it’s most definitely “Bless the rains” but who cares. Great song, great band, great scott!

'scuse me while I kiss this guy!

Lucy’s goin’ by with Linus.

Pardon me Roy, is that the cat that chewed your shoes off.

Jeremy’s smokin’ grass today

Dead ants are my friends, they’re blowin’ in the wind.  :sunglasses:


Take a look here: … #msg137149

So…do we link fingers digitally or is that an oxymoron?