The MC Rove Tour comes to Canada!

Ah it’s the season of events for British Columbia, Mellencamp is on his way to Vancouver, rumours of a Springsteen tour continue to percolate and now, an event that is sure to generate no shortage of controversy, Karl Rove comes to Vancouver for a one night show.

The former aide to President George Bush, best known as “Bush’s Brain” is set to appear at the Vancouver Art Gallery on February 18th, for a dinner talk sponsored by the Fraser Institute.

Tickets cost 500 dollars a pop, 750 for a couple (makes a great post Valentine’s date!) and if you can find a group of 10 fellow travellers of the right or the left you can get in for 5000 dollars. But don’t be tardy; they are apparently moving fast as they say.

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 4292030642 ) –

Anyone fixing to become the Canadian Wilkes Booth or Lee Oswalt? Now is your moment to shine! (Please!)

Actually it is “Oswald”.  I don’t particularly like Rove and I think he’s a neocon nutjob, but, I wouldn’t want to see him shot.

It’s not wise to make threats or incite people to murder on a public board. Unless you want the admins to receive visits from the police. … ou-decide/

  1. There are far too many death threats (or death wishes) for that government to investigate or punish.
  2. Karl Rove should be, at a minimum, imprisoned for life for war crimes. He doesn’t need to be a martyr, but he sure doesn’t need to consume any more taxdollars by existing.