The Mayor unleashed

Interesting review of what the City of PR, or the Mayor at least, thinks of the Port … 88571.html

somebody actuallly stood up to the port and CN???
wow…unbelievable…No public response from MAYOR KRUSSEL and his spin doctors?

If by stood up to you mean wrote a poorly articulated and factually challenged letter, then yes, he stood up to the port.

Did he threaten to kick someone in the ass?

I’m getting so tired of all the negativity that you hear and read about involving CN and the Port. Sure people have a right to gripe, but if we didnt have the container port, we would have nothing. Rupert would be a ghost town.

Looks like Rob Ford.

I don’t think our esteemed Mayor wrote the letter, but well said.

Prince Rupert survived without the container port before.


Prince Rupert survived without the container port before.[/quote]

Yes Rupert survived without the container port…but barely. Where do you think all the people who are working there now would be employed??? They certainly wouldn’t be living here. The City’s tax base has shrunk over the years, but things are going to improve with all the planned investment which is directly from the agressive campaining of the Port and the City working together. We are an industry based community, we are
doing reasonably well considering the lack

The mayor is right on!!!There has been NO city involment in the port development,they just tell us what they are going to do.As one who knows how the port works,and CN as well,we have been lied too.As a harbour user,we are being shut out of access to beaches,parking,dog walking,etc.and,yes it has always been PRIVATE property,fish company,port,cn but it is now turning into a police state,port patrols,cn cops fencing all over the place,not what I consider a great way to do business.

It blows my mind how negative that people can be. If its not high taxes and reduced services, it’s industrial land development or industrial noise. The mayor does seem to have a point and the Port needs to be responsible and accountable but as the article pointed out, a phone line has been established. Their offices are right here in cow bay as well so it’s not like they are inaccessible.

I, for one, am excited and grateful for what the Port Authority has done, and continues to do, for our community. Thanks for giving us a future and for providing economic stability.

Your’re right, there has been no city involvement in port development … during the current Mayor’s time in office anyway. Do you think part of the problem might be that the city refuses to participate in consultation?

Read page 62 of the environmental screening report for the Pinnacle Pellet development:

"7.4 Consultation with Other Jurisdictions

The City of Prince Rupert was invited by the PRPA to participate as a member of the Environmental Assessment Working Group. The City of Prince Rupert has declined to participate in consultation regarding the proposed project."

Prince Rupert might as well relegate to village ghost town status with no bright future, if this is what the anti-development group wants.

Seriously, each and everytime I hear this sort of tirade kinda makes me think how much of a failure Rupert has become.

so Mayor 'stash is upset at the port booohooohooooo, he must be campaigning to get re-elected 2 yrs early, all those complaints about noise and so on have been there for awhile now, where was his objections then, and why now?

Irony = The City of Prince Rupert complaining about lack of consultation on big decisions.


Prince Rupert survived without the container port before.[/quote]

Perhaps, but it was subsistance survival. I believe in progress & good or bad, this town needs progress to help move it forward and out of the past.

Even Terrace who was hit harder than us but the last recession, seemed to handle it with grace and dignity. Prince Rupert seemed to always be whining.

Change is afoot and it can only bode well for our community.