The Lounge ( Must be of legal drinking age)

Crack a beer open and come chat here.  No cheating!

How are you supposed to know if we’re of legal age?

Are you ID’ing?

I see you but you can’t see me!!!

It’s called the honour system :wink:

As a matter of fact, how can I tell if you’re only drinking water or coke?  I don’t care, just drink something!

Is the legal age the same here as there?

dos equis for me!

Pam you reading this?  Send the kid down with a dos equis, ok?

lychee soda for me out of sake

damn, out of limes. I was going to make Cuba Libres.


Cold beer please:-)

He has pretty strong teeth, he’ll even open it for you!

I don’t even know and will only care when my daughter gets close to that age :wink:

I have my swiss army knife down here, I’ll open it.

For me, it’s gotta be a good single malt.  Anytime, anywhere.  Oban if you’ve got it.

I’m drinking green juice.

Ill have a glass of milk…

Yes Princess:

Milk makes me itch.

Milk sounds good.

But my room mate is grossed out when I drink it. :laughing:

She actually brought me a beer.  Thanks to HTMF!

LOL she doesn’t look too pleased though.

What a woman!