The Last shift for Trevor?

Once again the Vancouver Canucks can be thankful Trevor Linden was in the lineup, in a game which resembled non contact pond hockey at times and ended in a thorough 7-1 thrashing Saturday night at the hands of the Calgary Flames  it was Linden’s presence on the ice that probably saved the Canucks from the wrath of their fans.

Any other season ending on such a sour note as the last few days has provided for Vancouver, might have found the fans a little less than enthusiastic about the home side. Most other years they would most likely not have been as hesitant to express their disappointment, but with Linden taking to the ice for the season finale, there would be no venting of frustrations by the crowd, just respect and cheers for their former (and always) captain.

If the amount of punditry before, during the game tonight and post game would have it, Saturday night was Linden’s last skate in the NHL. His has been a remarkable career, which for the most part was played for a Vancouver Canuck team, through all those different uniforms good, bad and the ugly…

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Perhaps that’s why they chose to play up Trevor’s ( he hasn’t confirmed it yet) last game. To avoid being pelted with garbage…
I miss Harry Neale. At least he had the nuts to call a game like that “an abortion on ice” on live tv.
They better offer Linden a position within the organization for all the effort he’s poured into the team over the years!