The largest communist government is holding the largest Capitalist Economy's

The largest communist government is carrying the largest capitalist economy’s foreign currency reserves. Estimated at about 82%+ of the 1.9x trillion US dollars in currency reserves is owned by the state of China. The Communist Party of China has 70 million members. Some may argue that China’s government has liberalized trade and capital, etc. but lets not forget that many companies are still state owned. GM is 50% owned by  Shanghai Motors, a state company. The company CNOOC that tried to buy Americas 9th largest oil company (Condi Rice was an officer) Unocal was state owned. The state owned company Haier tried to buy Maytag. These are just some examples.

Anyways, I was just admiring the irony!!!

Ah, me too, the irony of it all…Oy Vey… :confused:

Not trying to scare you, but enjoy :smiley:

BTW, I thought the USA is the largest communist government in the universe?

Yes the ironing , don’t they all look smart with their violins?