The Healthy Aboriginal Network presents: DEVON'S JOURNEY

The Healthy Aboriginal Network presents: DEVON’S JOURNEY

Devon won a short story writing contest 2007 and the story was to be put into a comic book form. Due to funding delays, the story was put on hold. It’s now done in electronic form!! Better late than never. I thought it was good timing that it’s done today - Anti-bullying day. Very proud of my son :smile:

Original News Story when Devon won! … redone.pdf

Well done, Devon!

Hope they fix the typo in second-to-last panel, the one on the left. It should be wearing instead of hearing.

Thank You!

I’ve brought it to their attention and they are on it - ALL FIXED now :smile:

Great story and awesome art work congrats to Devon it was a great read.

This is great - a recommended read.

Thanks for positive feedback :smile: