The Great Global Warming Swindle

British documentary on global warming.

I think Al Gore is correct, we’re on a Highway to Hell.

Anyone watch the Gore movie? It wasn’t too bad, a bit of an eye opener. You can find it as a torrent easy enough…

That being said, I just turned up the fuel on my diesel truck so I can bellow black smoke when I hit the accelerator hard. I love smoking out hippies  :imp:

vrrrrm vrrrm douche bag

You dig my tailpipe  :wink:

Heh-heh :smiley:

Egad. :astonished:

Global Warming is a conspiracy of the Communist U.N.
Al Gore is a democrat, therefore all he says is invalid.
CNN is also Clinton Network News, therefore everything they publish is invalid.
CBC is the Communist Broadcast Corporation, promoting only the lies of the Liberal Party like Global Warming, therefore invalid.
The oceans hold a limitless supply of fish, enough to feed all humanity forever.
DDT was more of a benefit than a hindrance, tests showing it still showing up in Narwhale blubber are Communist lies.
PCB is a vital food source.
Gas is so expensive because they removed reasonably priced lead additives because it was easier than stopping ghetto kids from eating paint chips.
The glaciers are not retreating.
The thawing of the Arctic is completely natural, “real” scientists can prove the Chinese ran oil tankers through the Northwest Passage in ancient times.