The gated community of Prince Rupert

It seems to me that if the Port authority of Prince Rupert gets their way, there will be no place to tie up  or load a boat, and the waterfront that so many of us enjoy will be a fenced off yard for storing contianers. What do we need to do to keep our town from looking like some kind of prison?

its only going to get worse my friend soon there will be a gate at Ridly Island and the only sandy beach that can be found here will be gone… no more hikes to second fort, and dont forget about CN they have started to put up no tresspassing signs at crossing were people use to climb like at Tyiee(bad spelling sorry)  and hike, very sad too see. and what about MNT Hays with the wind farm I think that will be off limits as well.

  It is getting worse Astrothug as there used to be a great beach area just before the turnoff to the cannery and last time we were out there, noticed that the trail is barricaded off there too. Very sad indeed as walking is one of the beautiful, free past-times to enjoy here or at least it was. I was nailed twice by the CN wannabe cops and told that walking was against the law!! And Rushbrook needs so much work, I wish we could band together as citizens and refurbish that area ourselves. I have a chainsaw!!! I loved that hike to the forts so I guess that all we have left is Butze until they decide something must stop our walking there also.  I wonder if we can still get to the lookout off Mt. Hays, sad to say that health issues prevent me from doing that hike in now but anyone out there should try it and post if it is still accessible. Beautiful area :smiley: Enjoy! Great pics from up there!

agreed it will get worse …forming some form of association like a residence association to act as a lobby group  would be a good idea …to ensure that things we cherish about rupert are kept and easily accessible to all.

great idea; ok meeting time and place… anybody…

Awareness is the key, I think, tell your friends and have them tell theirs, and once the ball is rolling we can meet for real and hopefully impress upon the powers that be, that if the communtiy is going to prosper, the residents have to be positive and happy about where they        live. Otherwise people will move and the labour crunch will only get worse, its already holding some companies back.

It seems to me (correct me if I’m wrong) but doesn’t the city have/or just started some kind of committee that would address issues such as those mentioned above?  I recall seeing the city advertise for members of some such group.  I realize that a city committee is very different than a grassroots organization, but if you are truely interested in this cause, it might be worth looking at.
In the end, I think you need to be very careful to find the balance between industry (ie CN) and recreation.   Some might take the topic of this thread as a rejection of industry, which I’m not sure is the intent.  I, however, having lived here my entire life think there are many opportunities for recreation near our city (might not be within the boundaries), but close, nonetheless.  There are more “waterfront” parks than during my father’s childhood or mine.  It’s a balance.

The Ridley beaches have always been private property and people visiting beaches have always been trespassing.

There are many places to tie up, how can they shut places like the Yaugt Club down? Can someone tell me what exactly is being proposed? (and I mean exactly, as in a credible source, as in not another ‘DQ is setting up in the Mormon church’ rumour).

Apparently the area near Inverness on the old Cassiar Cannery road has been bought by COSCO, the Chinese Ocean Shipping Company.  What exactly they plan on doing there is anyone’s guess.

The road up Mt Hays as far as I know is owned and maintained by Telus.  They have always allowed public access and unless the Wind Farm comes to some sort of agreement with Telus I can’t see the road being closed.  City Council recently allowed a tour operator use of the road if permission from Telus was obtained.

I’d like to see a movement to designate some more parkland along our waterfront.  The Ridley Beaches are a great location. It is my understanding that Ridley will be gated soon but that public access may still be available except during times when increased security precautions are neccessary.  If someone else has other information perhaps they can add to it or correct me.

I’m not sure what the previous posts comment about the Yacht Club meant exactly.  It is my understanding that the owners of Chances are also planning on developing a Marina directly below the casino location.  More pleasure craft berthing is desperately needed as the Yacht Club is too small and Fairview and Rushbrooke are designated as commcercial vessel docks.  As well, we are starting to see many larger yachts than ever and we currently don’t have the capacity to hold many.  If a new marina is to be built it would definitely attract more pleasure craft to our community.

Totally agree with the need for more parkland, however, I think the idea of Ridley might be a little problematic for those that do not have transportation. Can’t see the city footing the bill for another bus  :neutral_face:  I do wish that the large area along the waterfront from Kwinitsa to the old Rivtow yards could be re-vamped and used and especially the Via rail building which is a sad, sorry sight to behold. What a great spot for a restaurant  or…?The architecture of that building is great and it is depressing to see something with such great potential be just a target for the ever growing vandals.  As far as Ridley being open during specific hours to the public, I have heard the contrary, that it will not be open at all to us at any time.  Even the lovely little walking trail beside the golf course alongside Wantage Rd. has gone to ruin…Very, very sad…

I agree it is sad.  On top of that the city levelled a few of the residential playgrounds a couple of years back. 
I’ve heard rumours that CN may move their railyard to Ridley, as they will need more room, in an exchange of land.  Mind you, if the waterfront land ever fell back into the hands of the city the environmental clean up could take years. Besides, there’s no sand there, the sewer outfall’s there and you can’t enjoy the open sea.  As much as I’d like to see something positive happen to our waterfront in town, I’d also like to see a park be designated at Ridley.

I’ve heard from a credible source that there are some signifigant plans for the VIA rail station.  We’ll have to see how that turns out.

A question for you guys…If the property along George Hills Way, the fenced off land, is supposedly contaminated, why are they clearing it and seemingly allowing an overflow parking lot there? Just curious…

The land below the road between Port Ed and the cannery, also known as Inverness beach, is owned by a contractor from Hazelton.  I happened to run into him last year while out there on the beach.  He told me that he plans to built cabins there to rent out to tourists. It seems a bit crazy to me  since they would be located right next to the soon very busy train tracks.  He said he also wants to build an overpass over the train tracks, if CN lets him do that, to access his property.
He said he doesn’t mind if people trespass his property to get to the beach as long as they are doing it responsibly.  That’s why there are only ‘private property’ signs and no ‘no trespassing’ signs yet.

The important point about this issue is that any beach up to the high tide line is crown land and no citizen can be prevented being there, it’s just a matter how you get there.

They’re preparing to drill for fish oil… :wink:

I don’t think it is fenced because of contamination. I think it is fenced because Jimmy Pattison hasn’t figured a way for it to make any money for him yet. I can only assume that his employees pressured for parking after the city started charging for parking at Rushbrook.

Don’t hold your breath for any locals to buy the land back - Pattison buys, he doesn’t sell.

I guess we had best find a chunk of waterfront ASAP if we ever want to have a marine aquarium, or real public marina or any other local advantages to having an ocean front community.

I don’t believe that Pattison owns that land, hence the fence, if memory serves correct it’s still owned by the Weston group, the former owners of BC Packers, it wasn’t part of the deal when the fish plant was sold off to Mr. P. 

Oh…how does a person go about verifying that sort of info? Think of all the wonders we could do with that land…sigh…

here is an idea…you could try to put something cool on ir or something that might benifit the community…however another group of people will jump in and try to claim it and you’d end up in court for a couple of years…ring a bell?

Dave is absolutely right, it is about balance, I was not aware of the city group. the scope of what we are looking at is fairly substantial. If the Port has to abide by American corperate security measures (such as Marsec corp.)all of their assets have to be gated and secure. That is a lot of ground around here. It’s a result of their success really, but there should be a balance.

You’re talking about those idiots that are against the casino, right?