The first Conflict of Interest

Any one else notice the first night of the new Council when they were voting on who would represent the City of Prince Rupert on the Regional District. It is my understanding that Mayor Jack M was the tie breaker which he ended up voting in favour of him being the representative.
Oh and by the way the position pays approx $9,000 per year. Not to mention other per diems.
Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest? Should the Mayor be swinging the vote in his favour when there is a monetary gain?
I don’t think so

At first I thought interesting question.  Nelson would also be in conflict as he voted to be a representative.  But if neither Nelson or Jack voted the motion would have been defeated.  Perhaps Joy and Sheila would have been nominated.  They would have had to sit out.  Then the people who originally voted for Nelson and Jack would have defeated the motion - square one.

However, according to one of the links that Anna gave us in the other thread.

Exceptions from conflict restrictions
104  (1) Sections 100 to 103 do not apply if one or more of the following circumstances applies:

© the matter relates to remuneration, expenses or benefits payable to one or more council members in relation to their duties as council members;

Because this would be renumeration for council duties I don’t think Jack and Nelson voting for yourselves puts them in conflict.

The mayor is usually one of the reps on the regional district,as PR is the major monetary contributor to the district I think it important that he is there.Barry Pages is chair and he is mayor in Masset.Could you imagine Nelson at a district meeting?NOT!!
This conflict thing is nonsense,if council has a problem with the voting let them deal with it.They were elected to make tough choices, not declare conflict so they get out of voting.B.S.