The end of the internet

Check out this article, pretty scary implications. The ultimate ‘Big brother’


It’s coming as soon as they squash or buy up all the little players. Bandwidth limits just like businesses have to pay. If you’re a ‘business’ customer they already ding you $5 a Gig over the limits and enforce it.
I’ll post the bandwidth charges we get sometime this weekend.

I just went to the link supplied by Chaos, and I must say I can’t remember reading such a biased leftist pile of crap ever. Are you trying to tell me that phone companies aren’t allowed to make a profit? Are you some kind of socialist? You probably read Lawrence Gardner, Graham Hancock and the rest of the loonies from “left” field! I bet you think the Knights Templar have the fu****g ark of the covenant hidden somewhere like North America. You are like the cyber version of chicken little… “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. Market forces will work this one out Red. You people are all the same, you think freedom of thought, expression and information is a right. Well I got news for you, these things all cost money. Telephone companies, internet service providers etc… all have shareholders that want dividends. Your RRSPs are probably invested in some of these “Big Brother” corporations. Don’t you think it’s fair that corporations have all the rights of a humane being with none of the responsibilities? I know I do. Well I gotta go, someone is looking over my shoulder, and it’s not big brother ; ?p

I got news for you, buddy. You know that itchiness on the back of your neck? Scratch at it. That’s right. Harder. Feel something, like a tiny piece of metal? Now get a friend to dig it out with a knife and tell me what you think then.

Chaos is a theory, but Chuck Norris is harsh reality!

Pugelistica you really must be “punch drunk”. Ignorance for you then really is bliss apparently. If chaos is just a theory, take a look around you. You’re right about one thing, reality is harsh and it is going to kick you right in the teeth some day soon. Just because you share the belief in the capatilist system doesn’t mean you are going to get to share in any profits, as this is reserved for only the multi national corporations and the super rich power brokers. People like you and I are just little pawns in this great big conspiracy of the new world order (not just a theory any more brother), and the little people will not profit from any of this, but will pay along with everyone else. That someone looking over your shoulder may not be big brother, but it might be me? By some of the references made in your post you obviously know more than you let on and I can only hope at this point that you are trying to take sarcasm to a whole new level? And if you really are serious, well, then you have my sympathy.

Your speech had some Shakespearian talk in it, Chaos, Kudos.

Congratualation on a perfect troll :smiley:

Uhhh, Chaos Theory is a theory. What else could it be, a fact? Science doesn’t believe in facts since our knowledge is constantly expanding.

Scientific Theory:

Ouch! Mine was just a .177 pellet. Wonder how long that’s been there… :open_mouth:

Congratualation on a perfect troll :smiley:[/quote]

I am transparent, you see through me. My thoughts are your thougts.

But seriously, I think the post has merits and this is a subject that should not go ignored. I am already paying too much for internet service imo and these phone companies are getting wayyy outta hand. My god, how much do they charge for a text message? 25 or 50 cents? How many micro seconds does that take? A f*cking rip off!!! It makes me think of DVDs and how much cheaper they are to produce than video tapes. But do the prices go down? Of course not. The market will bear it and that’s the final word. It’s a shame that boycotts don’t occur more often. Cutting off those bastards profits would probably bother them more than cutting off their genitals. Hey with millions of dollars they could probably have John Holmes penis cloned and grafted onto their body as a replacement… Dang! Anyone got some spare change?

Pugulistica, you are the ‘King’ of sarcasm, I bow before you. And Trancending Rationality, Chaos remains a theory like so many things in our pathetic meaningless lives, but again look around you, as the proof is in the puddin pumpkin. But then Evolution remains only a theory as well and the majority accept it as scientific fact. Also there remains no scientific proof for the existance of God or the devil, yet the majority also beleive these entities to exist.

If a tree falls in the forest . . .

It is a revenue loss of $50 m3 that someone, somewhere is going to have to make up for! Don’t give El Gordo ideas…