The Dungeon-Master has died


Gary Gygax, dead at 69. … y-gyg.html

I gamed a lot in the 80’s in Rupert and though we never sat around a table throwing dice together, I met my husband via a guy who I got to do some character art for me, not to mention a lot of friends. Good times, good times…

R.I.P. Gary

Is anyone here a cleric high enough level to cast “raise dead”?

… he didn’t make his saving throw?

Man that sucks. That man defined my childhood.

Ok, last one, I promise.

He will be critically missed.

The sad part is, that most people don’t realize just how influential Gary was to modern culture.


First is from xkcd, second is penny arcade.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

More Gygax linkage:

New York Times: “Geek Love”

I love that flowchart. Awesome stuff.

Thanks to MiG for that article…I’ve been struggling to try and sum up what Gary’s world meant to a lot of people when I talk to my younger online friends and “Geek Love” did the job perfectly.

The comix rocked as well.  sniffs