The death penalty

Robin Lovitt almost became the 1000th person to be executed in the US since 1976. Read about it here:

It blows my mind that this person, who received an unfair trial, was a day away from dying when a politician finally intervened. It makes you think about all those other times when nobody does intervene.

The death penalty is one of the issues that we’ve discussed in my PoliSci class, and this is the only issue that I am completely decided on. I think the death penalty is wrong, but I also know that I’m ignorant of many of the related issues. The Amnesty International website is a good place to start to learn more.
What do you think?

Did anyone see George Bush on TV last week before Thanksgiving when he set the real turkey free? Not only is the turkey given freedom but it is put on an airline, first class and flown to L.A. Now there I was watvhing this and my eyes got real moist. George never granted a pardon to no one when he was Governor of Texas but there he was making my eyes moist.

It’s not as if this was an event that he put together to try and help his public image. Presidents have been doing the Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning for decades.