The Dark Knight

Wow. Phenomenal movie.

Go watch it.

I plan on it.  I love Batman.

Yeah, I will see it.

My husband and son saw it last night, both of them came out saying it was amazing and they wanted to see it again since they think they’ve missed bits along the way, the plot is a little convoluted. (one critic referred to it as a nest of spaghetti!) Heath Ledger was phenomenal and they agreed it will be a very,VERY hard movie to top.

On the other hand, I took my 13 yr old daughter and her best friend to see “Mamma Mia!” at the same theater complex and we absolutely loved it! The theater was packed full and nobody left their seat through the whole thing, even the credits were fun to watch. Pierce Brosnan should never be heard singing outside of his shower but the casting was great,the scenery amazing and it was just FUN from start to finish. Highly recommended if you just want a light and sunny antidote to the dark mayhem that is running on the majority of theater screens this weekend…


It was very awesome!

I’m glad I went to watch it.

I managed to get everything just fine. Maybe it’s just some people? o_O

Yeah it was fantastic!  Found this spoof the other day - kinda funny.  If you haven’t seen the movie this won’t ruin it.

I saw it three times :smile: