The Daily News Now Online!

Yah?  Who is Mavis?

I think it is great that we can place a classified online now, great for garage sales and things like that but I checked it out and it offers 2 payment plans.  Check off cash or credit card but doesn’t have a space for card # so how does this work as you just fill in the blanks for your particular ad and submit. So if you have to go and give this info anyway or pay cash, might as well do it all there.  And no, not complaining or criticizing, just curious… :confused:

Great news items Friday! I’m a bit curious about the daily doings of Monday and Tuesday though! 
I use to subscribe to the paper and often times it didnt make it to my mail box.
Is it the same kid that was on my route that is dioing the website now?  :smiley:

You’ll get a call from the Classifieds person for your cc info. It’s not a secure site yet.

As for the updating on a daily basis… we found a glitch we’re need to find a PC emulator so Wendy can up load all the info from her mac at home. Any recommendations on softwear? Trial versions?

Mavis Beacon, your new online touch typing coach: … 42158.html

Just reading tonites’ paper and wondering what have they done to the classifieds…It looks very disorganized and a little difficult to read…A little too busy, shall we say.  Liked it the way it was before, everything seemed to flow. Maybe my OCD is showing :confused:

i thought it was just me!

I , also am not pleased at the small print in the classified section. Perhaps the idea was to save space and make us all squint more than we do already.  :neutral_face:

Now that all the news is online, what is the incentive to subscribe? The tiny classifieds?

Doesn’t appear they have any specific plans, just one bad decision after another it seems.

First off congratulations to the Daily News on returning to the world wide web, it’s nice to see the Daily paper providing content available to those not in its trading area.

Now not wanting to sound smarmy, but hopefully the update aspect of the website will become a little more current, so far it appears to be a day behind the news curve already, with Thursday’s content still posted as the current material.

If you’re going to have a website to share your newsgathering efforts, it probably would be best to keep it as timely as possible (see the Northern View for an example).

Otherwise, it won’t be long until the comparisons to the troubled times of home delivery of the printed page will begin to make it to the community’s chat portal here.

Design looks ok, the content so far is quite informative, it offers the paper a chance to remain relevant in the community if they use their newly refound computer skills wisely… :astonished: