The Cutting Room...awsome band, awsome dudes from PR!

Hey I just wanted to let everyone know about this great band I just heard. They are called The Cutting Room. Its Chris Marchinkevich, Ian Urbanski and Garrett Moen from our own Prince Rupert. They also got This guy from Kitimat, Matt Ross. Anyways I just thought I’d give the heads up. Aparently they are playing some shows around Van and stuff. Check em out at

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Cutting Room is comprised of some of Prince Rupert’s finest wildlife.
Musicians, skaters, punks, bmxers, skaters, and rocking mamjamas just as well.
Dudes with wicked talent.
And Garret moen is the only lefty drummer I know, and that kicks ass.

 by the way this insn't trotsky, it's myers.   


adore the cutting room