The Cruise Ship 'comments' thread

This is super funny.  At least I sure thought it was.

There were four tourists off the ship standing infront of java-dot-cup wondering exactly what type of establishment it was, as I was walking by just a few minutes ago.  I will assume that the tourist trying to read the sign on the awning, assumed that Canada was French.  In so thinking, the tourist was trying to pronounce the name of the establishment with a horendous French accent.  “Jes Ves Doe…  Ja Ves Doe…”  Oh My GOD.  I couldn’t help myself but to interupt her, point to the sign and say “Its really much easier to prounounce… Jaaaavaaa  Dot Cuuuuup.”  Her patrons really got a chuckle, and so did I.  Jes Ves Doe?  rotlol

No Doubt!  I’m working at the gym right now and good god are people clueless.  I’m doing everything i can to be as paitent as possible…but i’m one more ‘are you sure that you actually gave me 50% off cuz i don’t think you did" from putting on a pantera album and locking the door.  now i know why i’ was never meant to work retail.  I just got the question too "when do you let the whales out’ and i came back with “at 2am in front of the surf club” which they had no clue about.  Ugh…i should go back to school.