The Crest Restaurant

I would love to know what makes the Crest so flippin special? ok ok can’t argue with the view…but come on!..the food is not all that great…believe me…I’ve gone there for lunch 3 times,I had to send my food back those 3 times because the alfredo sauce was waaayy to runny…my soup was very salty…my hambuger bun was so dried out it kept falling apart as I was picking it up, the morning I went for breakfast I had asked for soft poached eggs,guess how they were cooked, now should I say… hmmmm breakfast and lunch were not all that great should I go ahead and try dinner? (I also hear through the grape vine they treat their employees like…(insert your adjective) Can someone tell me about Rain great food?portions?service?ambiance?..I think the Keg would kick some ass here…I happen to think BP makes some fairly decent pizza’s, a littler pricy but pretty decent…alot better than some of the other pizza joints in Rupert here, I know their bar has the big screen TV’s but what about the restaraunt?..I can’t see Zellers being a huge loss for Terrace, their employee’s may think different but come on…we all know what counts at the end of the day right?

Anyway just my opinioin in this opineated world

Oh we all have our timmies woes… better customer service from a couple of the space cadets there would make the lineups a lot quicker… but when you try to steal people’s money and charge them for extra things and not give them to them… math takes a lot longer in your head apparently. 

I go to Timmies at least once a day, sometimes 3, and if I get certain employees, there’s always a problem.  Either they don’t take the order right, charge me too much, or give me the wrong thing… CONSTANTLY.  But there are some Timmies employees, who ROCK!  They are happy, personable, laugh it up when they have time, and efficient when they need to be.  And best of all…  I can lineup during the day, and there’s usually at least 2 employees who have my order ready for me before I even  ask for it :smiley:

But yeah… a drive through Timmies would be money… as long as the right people were running it.

The honest answer is that the Crest isn’t that great. The food is mediocre at best, overpriced,  and the last few times I went there the service was slow as hell even though the place was empty. The trouble is that there isn’t a lot of competition around here so they get to think they provide this wonderful dining experience that we all should be thankful that we have access to.

It wouldn’t be hard at all for a restaurant to compete with the Crest.


Yeah, well I go in there 7:45am, 12:30pm, 5:00pm, 10-11:30pm and sometimes 12:30am. meh, i get timmys coffee alot, and to be honest there service is good, I think anyways, I walk in there and my coffees ready for me, I dunno

lol at night when i order somthing they make it, and i ring it in LOL

Just a link I thought everyone would appreciate since there are  quite few threads on restaurants… you should check this out it’s the rating of how clean restaurants are for Prince Rupert … 30&start=1

Ah the dreaded health inspector.  I read that site occasionally, but there’s rarely anything more interesting than coolers that aren’t cold enough, and dish water that isn’t warm enough.  Most of the time it’s just that food was stored too close to the ground, food preparation surfaces were porous, and incorrect sanitizing practices were being used.

The one bad thing that comes to mind that happened in the last 6 months was someone at the Crest complaining about a moldy bun or bread they got, and then the kitchen got a surprise inspection because of it.

Here’s the direct link to The Crest’s report, including the incident you mentioned:

Thanks Northern Chick, great link!

Here’s the incident:

[quote]This facility was given a moderate hazard rating.
More information on hazard ratings.

A summary of the violations found during the inspection are listed below.
Code  Description / Observation / Corrective Action
117  Food Handler Training
Observation: Moldy food was served to customer according to the complainant and staff on duty on Feb 18, 2006
Corrective Action: Retraining of food handler must be done

Complaint investigation regarding mold found on canteloupe garnish being served to the customer on Saturday, February 18, 2006 -complainant has allergic reaction towards mold after consuming chicken wrap with moldy canteloupe garnish -cooler for storage of fruit was inspected, temperature at 4C -sliced canteloupe is stored in insert of preparation table -general sanitation satisfactory food handler took back the problematic dish after complainant got sick and it has been brought to the staff attention -the rest of the fruit in the same canteloupe insert was discarded, insert cooler temperature at 4C Gone through with the operator the whole procedure of receiving and preparating fruit for customer, thorough observation of newly received fruit must be done before accepting them, wash the outside of melons, honeydew and canteloupe in mild bleach solution before cutting them. Moldy or over ripen fruit must be discarded -Requested manager to retrain food handling staff to pay special attention on fruit preparation and bring this specific complainant to their attention -complainant has allergy towards mold and went to emergency due to having diffiulty in breathing and swallowing. This had been mentioned to the restaurant manager. [/quote]

Oh yeeeeeeeeah, it was canteloupe… not bread.  I knew it was a mouldy something or other.

Oh man, I’m looking up Victoria to see what gross places there are that I’ve eaten at!

yes the crest restaurant sucks i personally dont go to the restaurant i like the lounge its faster better service and they make sure what you order is correct or they bring it back.

screw the Crest. Peg Legs is probably the best dining experience, great view, very polite, quick food. I love dining there when the cruise ship is coming in… Wouldn’t hurt to bring a little more pirate theme back :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

the fact that they have unionized servers and cooks is what takes the quality out the window, not to mention the managment…just ask anybody about the shit they pulled on Rain and the new place opening next door.  those fools have no clue how th real world works, and they bully people around town so they have no competition…i hope rain destroys them and the restaraunt closes…i dont’ even live there and it sitll pisses me off the wya they treat people, they deserve everything they get…LONG LIVE RAIN

I dont see how unionization ruins quality I have worked  in both nonunion and union places as for keeping competition out of town that has more to do with the business men in Rupert for the past few decades keeping other business out of town. If you control city council you can control the handing out of business licenses.

But more importantly why is someone who doesnt live in Rupert commenting on Rupert.

Because he loves us. 
Because he hates the Crest.
Because he looooooooves Rain.
Because he still likes Prince Rupert.
Because he doesn’t like Victor Kumar.
Becaaaaaause jesus started it.

I started what now?

Everything!  You started everything O Holy one!

Or was it Hey-Zeus that started everything?

p.s.  I hate page breaks.

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