The Corporation

The Pathalogical pursuit of profit and power. Has anyone seen this show? It’s a 3 part mini series / documentary. If not, try and catch it! A definate must see for anyone with a social conscience. On Knowledge network this month, or visit the website

Is it the same one that played in Rupert?


I’m lazy. Can someone relay the high points of the film? What are the corporations that you realize are evil, and why?

Mig, not sure if it played here, if it did I never heard about it, but I think not.
Eso, Oh man they’re all evil aren’t they, I didn’t actually see all three parts yet, but the worst are Monsanto, Dow chemical, Dupont and Shell oil, among others.
I really like the part where psycholigists are comparing the actions of the corporations to the behaviour of a person and how it definately qualifies as Psychopathic in nature.

Yeah, that’s the one that played here:


click that for our conversation about it.

Shit, now I’m sorry I missed it, I would have prefered to see the whole thing at once, What did you think? was it as good as it appeared to me in short snipets, or was it all stuff you already knew and heard before?

Dow Chemical? Are those the Agent Orange guys?

Close, Actually agent orange was compliments of Monsanto, who are truly evil, you can still buy agent orange for your home garden they just changed the name to ‘round up’ sounds less lethal doesn’t it?. These are the guys that also bioenginered the ‘Terminator’ gene in seeds for cereal crops (wheat, barley,etc.) so that those poor farmers in third world countries (like Canada) are forced to buy seed from them every year. And biologists fear that if this DNA spreads into wild plants the planet could be barren within a matter of years as nothing will be able to reproduce, but Monsanto scientists assure us this could never happen, right!

Ok, so what did Dow, DuPont, and Shell do?

aren’t they the outfit that checks your crop and if they find their genetically engineered stuff in with yours, sues you for ‘stealing’ the seeds blowing in from the nieghbor’s farm?
monsanto, not shell. they just invened the gas pump that wont stop at
$xx.00 only at $xx.01…

Dow and dupont, basically poisoning their workers and the earth with chemicals they know are harmful but lie to all of us about it. And Shell, bank rolling mercenary armies in Arfrica to win civil wars to put puppet governments in power that were more supportive of oil exploration and production, killing people that opposed their corporate policies. Among lots of other shit.