The Chucky Danger Band comming to PR

Yes its true “The Chucky Danger Band” is comming to PR Feb 24th at the PAC. It should be a good show i heard they sound really good. My buddy went to see them in Surrey a few months back and he said they Rocked! lots of people and they put on a wicked show. Im shure there will be more advertising when the date gets closer.

Here is the web site Check it out! You can listen to the tracks from there new CD :imp: :smiley:

Im goin i dont know about you lol :smiley:

The bands sound isn’t all that original, and the only song I enjoyed on that page was ‘Criminal’.  Although, that’s mainly because of my love for the wah wah effect. 

Either way.  It’s a nice change from Trooper coming to play.