The case of the missing files

Ooops those files?  Oh they’re gone…

Hmmm, be hard to track down the details now in the BC Rail case… … le1192835/

Smells like the good old days when the pulp mill was running and the shore workers were able to make a living.
We will see if the lawyers can make their point that the material is relevant. I they can, well it would seem to be deliberate.

Anyway, why should any information, e mails or whatever have to be deleted after seven years or twenty years or ever? File cabinets full! Legislature attic full to the ceiling with musty paper?
Its all on electronic media, so send one of the high priced assistants to Zellers (I am sure there is one in Victoria) to buy a couple of spindles of CDs.
Its all history, and it costs very little to keep it!

It’s government.
They probably decided it would take thousands upon thousands of floppy disks to save all those emails, and as they are so hard to find and expensive now they’re obsolete…