The burning of the Koran … le1968648/

This is why I am glad that I am a non-believer.

First of all, the pastor is a lunatic. I am not even sure what he is trying to prove. He is saying, “I know Islam is hate-filled, so I will provoke them into killing people to prove my point.” He proved his point and innocent people are dead. Nice work.

Except the reaction took place in an occupied territory where people might be using any excuse to attack foreigners.

So I would really like to know the motivation of the people who killed the UN workers and others.

Do they actually think that killing innocents is an action that Allah would approve in response to the burning of the Koran?

If I burned the Koran in my basement and nobody (except presumably Allah saw) what future punishment would I receive?

If I killed an innocent person because of the stupid actions of another, what future punishment would I receive?

If I downloaded a holy text to my computer and then purposely deleted it, what future punishment would I receive?

I am having a hard time accepting that even the most radical of Muslims can find justication for the killings if it is only in response to the lunatic actions of a nutcase.

Pastor Jones has now murdered 14 people.

It is an interesting phenomenon when people have bombs blowing up all around them for years (decades), regularly seeing dead bodies and body parts about the streets, many of their family members bombed/killed, the injustices of foreign occupation, with many other atrocities, they seem to interpret their holy book in a different light. Probably looking harder to find the answers for their injustices and loss. When we look at our failure in Afghanistan should we really be surprised that people are being radicalized and fighting the western occupation and its people at all costs?

I think the dialogue that people in Canada and the U.S. should be having is not the radicalization of Islam, but our epic failure in Afghanistan. This is what Canada’s Intelligence Director had to say about Afghanistan. (Taken from Wikileaks)

From the CSIS Director Jim Judd.
"CSIS is far from being “high-five mode” on Afghanistan, Judd asserted, due in part to Karzai’s weak leadership, widespread corruption, the lack of will to press ahead on counter-narcotics, limited Afghan security force capability (particularly the police)…

This is what Canada’s soldiers are dieing for? Propping up a corrupt (among other failures) government? Or how about this?

"In December 2010 a Wikileaks cable revealed that a US company, DynCorp had spent money on pimps who purchased young boys for Afghan policemen. The boys were used in Bacha bazi."

Bachi bazi is widespread now. Young boys being sold, exploited and raped.

80% of the worlds opium production is coming from Afghanistan.

The evidence is almost endless, and very very sad. Almost ten years later and things are very FUBAR in Afghanistan, but yet North American citizens are still trying to conceptualize the radicalization of Islam; the causality somehow invisible, the media and government doing a fine job at diversion. I think its time for Canadians to start talking about our occupation of Afghanistan and what we hope to achieve there and how. The consequence of our failure there is too large.

It’s interesting to find people identifying with the side that killed innocent people in light of burning what is effectively an inanimate object. This is another example of how the followers of the Quran should be regarded as a danger to Western Society, peace and the well being of Western democratic countries.

Quite frankly, I’m not a hill billy but Islam is already trying to push it’s way into our society and it should be stopped. Sorry, but anyone acting in the manner mentioned by the OP and anyone who doesn’t understand the harm they are doing are nothing more than a dumb, rabid animal. And as we know, dumb rabid animals typically get put down.

And, if you have a problem being a non-Islam follower in this day age, stay in your own goddamn bomb-laided decrepid hole of a country.

There are extremists in all types of religions, not just the followers of the Koran. The largest population of muslims are from Indonesia, Asian countries have a large conversion to the Muslim faith. Just saying…

Organize a bible burning and see what happens. No religion is unique in the violence they perpetuate.

The largest Muslim nation, Indonesia, fought a war of ethnic cleansing and genocide against East Timor. Religion was a big part of it – East Timor is Catholic.

The largest Catholic nation in the world is right next door. The Philippines is now doing the same thing to their Muslim population.

Doesn’t matter what your religion is, if people “believe” then there will be some who see genocide of the “non-believers” to be justified.

According to this morning’s editorials, Jones in not a murderer, just a moron.
Ok. Technically you have to intend to kill to be a murdered.
Jones is actually a manslaughter-er.
The count is up to 24.

A group of concerned citizens should show up at Pastor Jones’ next gathering and publicly protest his actions and burn bibles openly in front of him and have this televised to the rest of the world in order to demonstrate to the muslim extremists that many even in america clearly do not agree with the Jones’ of the world.

Now that I would love to take part in doing . Let me know if there will be buses going for that one please. Jones is an idiot who murders and should be kidnapped and dropped off in their country, just for some fresh pickins.